My Country Farmhouse – Only the Good News

The laundry room is done! The laundry room is done! The laundry room is done!

Covid-19 numbers are falling in Ontario.

People can finally get a haircut. No more Cov-head.

The lettuce, zucchini and herbs are flourishing in the veggie gardens. So much so that I had to put up mesh to keep the bunnies out.


I slept almost 8 hours Friday night (only some of you will understand why this is good news)

Chaya and J love to ride in their new bike trailer.

The Black Lives Matter movement is making progress – it’s a start. #BLM

Confederate statues are coming down one after another all over the world.

26-0 Vote passes the ‘Breonna Law’ banning no-knock police raids in Kentucky.

I removed the massive cedar from the side porch. Need I say more?


If you google the word ‘Idiot’ and select ‘Images’ pictures of Trump will appear. Heh-heh-heh!

Did I mention the laundry room is done? Stay tuned Monday for the before and after pictures of the newly complete laundry and family room.

Happy fathers Day to all the dads out there. Be kind, smile and say thank you. Keep the positivity alive.






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