My Country Farmhouse – Week 18

Here it comes – week 18. It has been HOT HOT HOT out everyday for a week straight. Saturday was the first day in a while that we finally had some rain which cooled the air. Any and all projects have been indoors or getting done after 8pm when it’s a bit “cooler” out… which it is not.

I said good bye to my favourite hose this week. After 4 years it finally bit the dust. I invested in a new one that should hopefully last forever (if treated correctly) it is called the Bionic Steel hose. It is 100 feet in length which can pretty much get to all the areas of my yard.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 9.20.57 AMThe vegetable garden continues to grow rapidly. There are roughly 10 zucchinis growing, hundreds of cherry tomatoes, and an over abundance of lettuce and basil. The final two squash plants went in a couple weeks ago and seen to be taking to their new plots well.  I’ve been contemplating getting started on some garden beds for flowers but the heat keeps scaring me a way.

This week I will be making over the exterior of the garage. I had booked in a company to come in and replace the two old metal doors for the fall but decided to cancel that since money is low and it is not a necessary expense. Instead I will be painting the two red doors white (the colour the new doors will eventually be) to help freshen up the look of the property.  At a cost of $60 for a large can of Trembled matte white paint they should look as good as new. A quick wash and sand and they will be ready to paint.


Since we all love before and after pictures I’ve decided to share a before and after of a family members home exterior that has undergone a HUGE transformation over the past year. This cute little cottage home had a very tone on tone look, tiny porch and awful little walk way. It now has new siding, steal roof, large cedar porch, patio and fire pit (at the back), and a gorgeous new walkway (done by my brother in-law and his good friend). And for a pop of colour a gorgeous coral coloured door. Love it!


In the last two weeks we have also celebrated two graduations – My niece Haley graduated high school and my nephew Grady finished grade 8 and will be heading to grade 9 in the fall. We also had a birthday celebration yesterday. That should be all for events for a while.

Chaya (my dog) will be heading in for dental surgery July 22 to have her final 10 teeth removed. She has very bad teeth and this will help improve her health. Dogs without teeth can thrive as there will be no more risk of infections from decay. Look at my little guy J – no teeth, excellent (non-scented) breathe, and is the happiest little guy ever when he’s not being a crusty old man.

My fingers are crossed that our tentative shoot date of September 8th for the TV show I work on sticks which hopefully means I will be back to work in the next month or two. There will be some changes in the way the production works. As some of you know I am a Buyer (someone who shops for items used on camera by the actors) so I am usually on the road shopping / sourcing unique items. We do have an office in the studio but it is just too small for 3 people to work out of with Covid-19 so my office will be my home. Now to set it up.

Well, that is all for this week. I hope you are all keeping busy enjoying the weather, working on projects you enjoy, visiting family or playing with your pets. I’m heading out to wash and sand the garage in preparation for the painting that will happen Tuesday/Wednesday which isn’t suppose to rain.

Take care, be kind, stay safe.


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