My Country Farmhouse – The “Cheap” Garage Make-Over (Before & After)


Sunday I began the process of sanding and washing the garage doors. They had an old dusty coat of red paint, rust and dirt all over.  The wood frames were white and are in terrible shape. They will have to be replaced once I get the new doors as they are beginning to crumble. As you can see above the doors weren’t actually red all over.

The total time to transform the doors was approximately 6 hours over 2 days. Always make sure to let the paint dry for the recommended time as per the packaging. You don’t want to ruin your “cheap” fix… it’ll cost you more money in the long run (and time).

Day 1 –

I sanded and washed both doors thoroughly. The old red paint bled the more I scrubbed it. To make sure I didn’t end up with pink doors I had to use some serious elbow grease to strip the old paint.


I did all of the grooves first with a paint brush. Because some of the grooves were pretty deep I knew I would need to do two or three coats to really cover the old red paint.

Day 2 –

I completed the second coat in the grooves and began straight away at rolling out the first full coat on both doors. By 11am I was finished the first full coat and had to let them dry for approximately 6 hours before finishing the second. And so I went for a drive to kill some time.

At 4:30pm I was already on to the second coat of paint and finishing up the work on the wood trim. And 45 minutes later I was cleaning up the mess.

And what a transformation using a large can of Tremclad Matte white paint for the low cost of $60.


They almost look new again. And man are they OH SO WHITE! They definitely brighten up the space as you look down the driveway.



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