My Country Farmhouse – Little Weekly Update

Chaya – 5:30pm – Picked up from the Vets

Yesterday July 22nd, Chaya (my 14 year old chihuahua) went in for dental surgery. She had her final 10 teeth extracted since they were in bad shape and causing her some discomfort. She is now at home recovering and doing good. Some side affects include difficulty breathing (nasal passage is a bit swollen), cough and facial swelling which has made her a little crankier than usual (can you blame her?). The cutest side effect is the tongue out to the right that keeps making an appearance.

Not much has happened since I last blogged. So here is a little update on some of the usual and one new project going on around the house:

The veggie garden continues to flourish. I have a couple cucumbers growing (one that is ready to pick), I’ve had 7 zucchinis come off the plants in just under two weeks with more growing, hundreds of cherry tomatoes and the Roma tomatoes are just starting to grow. The only two veggies that have yet to make an appearance are the squash and the red peppers. But they have begun to flower – so here they come!

There have been a couple days where I’ve not wanted to watch TV or use Social Media so instead I’ve done a couple little paintings. Unlike my older sister Danielle, my talents are a little less obvious. She has already started to sell (barter for cookies) her paintings online because they are just SO good. And she only started painting a month or two ago.

The garden continues to surprise me with new flowers. Soft pink and crimson red day-lilies, pink roses and some cute little purple flowers have come out this week adding some welcome colour to the yard.

I’ve begun a new project of converting an old metal cart on wheels (heavy duty) from being an old rusted piece into a kitchen island. Below is the before picture (you will have to stay tuned for the after). At a price tag of only $40 I’ve already washed and sanded it, painted and added a butcher block top. Next will be to add a couple towel rods on either side to complete the look.


I hope your week has been fun and productive (or not if you prefer to relax). Stay tuned for the after pictures of the kitchen island.

Until then – be cool!  🙂




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