My Country Farmhouse – Say Hello To Peanut

Since I’ve done nothing but neglect my Blog over the past month and a half I’ve decided to post some exciting news for you all. After over 5 years of searching, bidding wars and losing out I’ve finally crossed another item off my bucket.

On Sunday September 13th as I got home I received a Facebook message from my mom and a link that read “Did you see this?” Quickly opening the link to see what it was I soon got super excited that the link was only posted within the hour and I MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE AT IT.

Within a few minutes I sent a private message asking if “It was still available? And, Can I see it tonight?”. I waited 30 minutes in anticipation for a response I feared would be the usual “Sorry, sold”. But not this time. The response “Yes, it is available. Does 7pm work for you?”. I couldn’t believe it. Only 3 hours to wait… UGH

I left at 6pm to make a 50 minute journey to Oshawa, Ontario for my 7 o’clock appointment. I arrived 10 minutes early. And there she was sitting in the driveway in all her 12 foot glory. The cutest thing I’d ever seen. And one of the items on my bucket list I created over 15 years ago. While sitting in my car I received a message “Hey Michelle, I’m going to be 5 minutes late. Hope that’s ok?”. Since I had to wait for her I asked if I can walk to property take a look at her. And she said “Yes!”.

Here she is my new (not new) 1976 Rambler Peanut. She has a 9 foot body (12 feet to the tongue). She comes with updated electrical, 2 propane tanks, 3 new tires, a functioning original double burner, kitchen sink and super outdated fabric. She weighs in around 1200 pounds.

1975 Rambler Peanut

This little lady needs some cosmetic work in the interior: curtains, cushion fabric, lighter colour paint, vinyl flooring and some shelving for clothing. The largest renovation will be adding a water closet for the porta potty addition (which this trailer would of originally had). I am retuning her to her original look.

Here are some interior photos:

Location for the Water Closet
Dinette/Single Bed

I can’t wait to get started on all the pretty fun stuff (decor and design). My next blog will be of my vision board for Peanut. Colours, textures, toilets, decor and more. This is going to be one of my favourite projects outside of renovating my house (which is on hold until next fall).

My budget for this little lady is $1000 – $1500.

Hope you all follow along on this fun journey.

Stay safe and smile!


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