My Country Farmhouse – Peanut Vision Board

Peanut is home

One of my absolute favourite parts of renovating is the design process. Because I am returning Peanut to her original floor plan there will be two new walls going up. This will be a new bathroom addition. Once that is done I will add a fridge area and upper shelving over the dinette for clothing storage.

Here is a look at an original 1976 Rambler Peanut (This is not my Peanut) but is a great example of what she would have looked like:

There is no question that I will be adding a toilet (I’m more of a glamper than a camper). Since there are no holding tanks in this trailer (likely removed in the past) I’ve decided on a kleankin Outdoor Portable Travel Toilet Flushable Tank with Level Indicator. This unit has a built in holding tank, holds 2.6 gallons of freshwater (for flushing), 5.3 gallons of black water (sewage), and can flush up to 50 times on one fill. This unit retails for $179.99 (with a $20 coupon).

There are so many options when it comes to refrigerators (extra small, small, medium, large, fridge freezer combo, fridge only, double door or single…). To be budget conscious I will be adding a 1.7 Cubic foot fridge. This little guy is the size of what would have been in the trailer in the 70’s. At a cost of $129 from Wal Mart it is the most affordable brand new. What I have been doing is trying to find the same size fridge on the classifieds for a cost of $30 to $50… Maybe I’ll get lucky.

The look I am going for is light, cozy and airy with pops of colour. The walls and ceiling are already white. I will also be painting the cabinets white (covering the dark grey) to lighten the space which will help since I am adding two new walls. With pops of pink, yellow, green and blue this little lady will be cottage chic. Some new fabric on the cushions and curtain panels will definitely liven up the place. Floral patterned melamine dishware (which I already have), contemporary wood and steel cutlery (have), soft lacy sheers under the curtain panels and a thick double layer curtain to hide the water closet.

The Kitchen is only 5 feet wide (possibly a little less) which means being super creative with storage. There are two upper cabinets. One for food and one for dishes and glassware. There is one little drawer for cutlery and a few other small items. There are two lower cabinets as well. The one under the sink will house the grey and fresh water leaving no room for anything else which means the one under the stove will be for larger items (pots/pans). Plus I will add a new shelf under the stove to really utilize the vertical height under the counter. As I create a list of what I need to make this trailer fully functioning I question if there will be enough space.

The floor is just a painted plywood which is functional but not that appealing (and overtime water will damage it). I have an unopened box of vinyl wood flooring that I can use which is easy to install and waterproof. It simply clicks together. I may however have to buy a second box. But that is okay since I haven’t really touched my budget yet.

The highest cost item will be recovering the cushions. Cost of fabric and employing a sewer to do the work (I am not that skilled…) To try and save on overall cost I will be looking for prefab curtains online. Luckily all of the curtain rods are perfectly in tact so there is no additional cost there.

Fabric ideas:

Since the small guest room in my house has a twin size bed I already have some sheets that are off white and a duvet. There will be no added cost on bedding since I will also be using my pillows from my master bedroom.

Here is a list of some of the smaller things I will have to get to finish up the project:


  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Wall mount tooth brush holder
  • Mirror
  • Mountable baskets for towels, face clothes and products


  • All small appliances will come from the house (peeler, shredder, scissors, knives)
  • Wood cutting board
  • Vintage spice rack (wall mount – already have)


  • Folding chair & table (small)
  • Propane BBQ
  • Umbrella (already have one)

Hopefully I can get the weird old framing out and get the water closet framed in before it gets too cold outside. If I can that means early spring I can work on all the cosmetic work until I head out on the open road. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for updates on Peanut’s progress.


5 thoughts on “My Country Farmhouse – Peanut Vision Board

  1. The Peanut is Stellar. That thing is great. Will I see that parked next to the Props trailer?

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