My Country Peanut – Weekend # 1 With Peanut

This weekend I decided to do a mini project on the interior of Peanut. To the left of the kitchenette is a framed out bench area with a shelf at countertop level. I took it upon myself to remove that shelf so I can open the seat compartment and assess what work needs to be done. Under this compartment is a raised subfloor, propane furnace, tire well and some pipes for the furnace.

Since I do not want to keep the furnace it will be the first major item to remove. I will have to cap off the propane line correctly to prevent any incidents from happening. Once it is out and safe I can remove the piping that goes to the exterior for venting. I will then frame out this area for a shoe shelf, fridge and an additional shelf for storage.

Now, the foot print for the bathroom is actually larger than I thought it would be. I can easily put in a water closet that is 40″ long by 24″ wide. This will give me more than enough room for the new toilet which is 14″ wide and 17.5″ long. This will leave me approximately 10″ of space on either side of the toilet and 22.5″ of leg room. It will be the roomiest closet bathroom ever! HA!

For fun I decided to hook Peanut up to the hydro line and check out all the lights. Man is this trailer cute all lit up!

On Sunday night I took advantage of some sales on Here are some of the items I purchased for Peanut:

And for the kitchen:

And finally this afternoon on my lunch break I went to Service Canada (equivalent to a DMV – Department of Motor Vehicle) to change over the ownership and get the license plate. I really wanted to do a custom plate (something cool like ’76 P-NUT’ but the cost to do that is over $250… And a basic plate is $38… So I took the savings. The total cost for the HST, license plate and sticker it came to $174.

So far of my $1500 budget I’ve spent roughly $561.00.

Stay tuned for more little projects as I plug away before the weather gets cold.


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