My Country Farmhouse – The Work Continues: The Driveway & Garage

On Saturday September 26th I noticed my neighbours across the street paved their driveway. After talking to them they mentioned that several others on our streets were also employing the same company to do theirs as well. So I jumped on the band wagon and got mine done too. And here’s why – the original quote I got in March to pave my driveway was over $8000 (absolutely insane)… This company was only going to charge me $4500. Even though it wasn’t on the top of my priorities list this year, for that price I decided to just get it done. And I couldn’t be happier. NO MORE GRAVEL!

What a difference. I can now tell what is driveway and what is lawn. The grass was taking over the gravel and now there are distinguished lines.

Since I can’t park in the driveway until Monday (and I’m out of town) my car is on the street and Peanut is parked on the front lawn (she looks tiny next to my 2500 sq.ft house). I continued the clean up in the garage. Two weeks ago I hired a company to come in and do a major purge removing several loads of garbage, removing old framing and removing the old rotten flooring.

With all the garbage gone all that was left was a massive sweep (which turned into using a leaf blower to get rid of the dust) (be sure to wear a mask and glasses – I did). I took the old work bench from the West wall to the East wall and used two old wood doors as the table tops. I sorted through all the gardening bins and gardening tools and created ways to store items off the ground. I used a large planter to store shovels, tools and rakes and I hung some items on the wood nail rack and put all the electronic tools on the work bench.

And to finish up my weekend my lovely neighbour Jean gave me some of her perennials to transplant. This meant I needed to create a garden bed. I took all of the dirt out of one of my raised garden beds, levelled the lawn and laid landscape fabric. Moved the garden bed over to the wall to the left of the garage door and planted some lovely flowers, thyme and flock.

Yet another productive weekend is in the bag. Can you believe it’s already October??? Yikes! However, I will be glad when 2020 is over. My fingers are crossed 2021 is a much kinder year to everyone. Next on my list is to decorate for Halloween (since it will be the first time since owning a house that I will actually be at it). I already have the candy.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and staying safe. Be kind and wear a mask. Let’s kick Covid in the butt so we can all go back to planning our lives and working towards the things we want.


One thought on “My Country Farmhouse – The Work Continues: The Driveway & Garage

  1. The driveway looks very nice, and the painted doors look very sharp. Having a flower bed instead of a trash can in front looks very nice, too. Your productivity is inspiring! Enjoy the day!


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