My Country Peanut – Long Weekend Fun!

The weather was SO nice this weekend I spent hours in Peanut making some big changes. Saturday morning I prepped the kitchen wall for a peel and stick backsplash. I removed the curtain rod hooks, paper towel holder and outlet cover. I started to tile from the upper left corner and worked my way across and then down.


Tools needed: cutting mat, exacto knife, metal ruler and measuring tape

The tiles I used are Art3d subway tile with grey grout. There are 10 sheets in the pack. I used all but one as I had several strange cuts to make (and messed up once). This brand of tile had the better of the reviews I’d read online. They were super easy to install, a pain to cut and aren’t as sticky as I expected. But they are holding up and they look great installed. I chose Peel and Stick as I didn’t want to add any more weight to the trailer than necessary.

By 1:30pm I was done. What a difference. I haven’t painted out the cupboards yet which will make the kitchen look much nicer but this was a great start. Once I installed the outlet cover and caulked the area just under the cabinets I hung the vintage spice rack. Cute cute cute cute cute!

After the backsplash was done I used the marble Mac-tact to cover the white table… I’m currently undecided about whether or not I like it… Perhaps once Peanut’s interior is complete and the fabric isn’t so awful.

For my next project I ripped out all of the old framing to the left of the kitchen. This framing needed to come out so I can prep and install the framing for the new bathroom. There is also the old propane furnace in that space that will need to come out but I will have to wait to have someone out who is trained to use propane disconnect and cap it off. I do still need the propane for the two burner stove.

There are some small wires coming out of the floor where the toilet will be going so I will be building up the floor a couple inches to keep the wires safe. Once the framing and walls are in I will paint everything in a fresh coat of white paint.

I found the box of Trafficmaster vinyl plank flooring in Brushed Oak Taupe it has only 24 square feet which means I will have to buy a couple more boxes before I lay the floor down. It is currently on sale – so bonus!! And the colour is perfect.

And the final two projects on Peanut were to caulk above the door frame where it was peeling off and to do touch up paint all around the body.

Nothing like a fresh coat of blue paint. Thank you for following Peanut’s journey. There are many more projects to come. Stay tuned!

Peanut parked for the winter with a fresh coat of blue paint

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