My Country Farmhouse – Prepping for the Winter

As much as I’m sure no one wants to admit – winter is coming. We’ve already had an overnight frost that was SO white I thought it had actually snowed. And in preparation for the inclement weather I’ve begun winterizing my house and of course – Peanut.

I’ve pulled out all of the vegetables (mainly tomatoes, basil and pepper stalks) and removed the mesh netting from the raised beds to ensure no animals get caught in it over winter. I’ve removed the hose and turned the water to outside off so that my water line does not freeze. Peanut has new tire covers purchased $50 and a brand new Polypro 3 winter cover purchased for $140. I will also be placing a tarp on Peanuts roof before placing the cover to ensure absolutely no water gets in. Also on the list to complete is moving in the paint cans and other items that are liquid that could potentially freeze from in the garage. And since there are only 4 weeks of yard waste collection in my area I also raked 1/3 of my yard and bagged 12 bags of leaves… I’m feeling the pain today (man I am out of shape). I predict 28 bags of leaves when I am done.

Polypro RV Cover 8-10 feet

I’ve begun checking all of my windows for drafts (since a few are original to the house) and some of the new ones seem to slide open at the top allowing for air to get in. Another priority is to have my air ducts cleaned since I have no idea when/if they’ve been done in the last few years. Better to be safe – no one wants an accidental fire and the filter will be replaced on the furnace as well. In only a few short weeks the gas bill has gone up about $50 having to be on all the time. My rule is when I am home set it at 68 degrees and at night and during the week when I am away set it at 66 degrees.

The garage is prepared for those snowy days when the car will have to be inside so I can shovel – another activity I am not looking forward too. The basement window covers are up and the AC unit cover still has to go on.

I never imagined as a home owner having to remember so many things, no wonder there are lists for homeowners to follow for every season. Something is bound to get missed. Happy winter home prepping. Do it one step at a time.

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping safe. Remember – we are all in this together, help each other out and say thank you.


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