My Country Farmhouse – Stuck in the Middle

And so another Christmas comes to an end. And it was a fun one. Christmas every year is always small for our family with only 7-8 people (and that is immediate family). We listened to music, opened presents, ate food and enjoyed each others company just sitting around and talking.

I finished the decorating on the 23rd and 24th – added a Christmas stringer, pillows and more cards:

I brought all my presents downstairs under the tree and once everyone arrived the bay window around the tree filled right up:

Christmas dinner was Delish! Everyone made something. I made the vegetables – carrots, yams and parsnips roasted in honey, butter, and oil, mashed turnip and a butternut squash roasted in maple syrup, brown sugar and butter. Best veggies I’ve ever made. You have to try it.

My family came with a pineapple glazed ham, turkey and stuffing, cookie dough cheesecake, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and gravy. It was the perfect 2020 Christmas.

On Christmas Day I went to my sisters (same people as in the pic) to open some presents and decorate our Christmas cookies. They started off strong and well we kind of started to give up on them LOL the nicest being the very first cookie each of us decorated.

On Boxing Day I decided to be a couch potato. Spent most of the time watching TV and tidying up. I started to take down a few Christmas decorations and (since it was out) decorated an entire gingerbread house. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I haven’t decorated one in over 20 years.

I was asked last night what the best gift I got was this Christmas – and as much as I HATE playing favourites I’d have to say it is definitely the tri-ball mount for my car so I can tow Peanut around. And the sweetest gift I was given was from the ladies at work, a custom decal for Peanuts tire cover. It is super cute!

And that was Christmas.

And since I have some time now I’ve jumped into trying some new bread recipes (French Bread today) and tomorrow I will be making a focaccia. The French bread tastes more like a boring white bread — so that’s the last time I make that recipe. Fingers crossed the focaccia is a winner.

I’m hoping to get to Home Depot in the coming weeks so I can work on the powder room renovation. I will be adding some wainscoting, doing some painting and possibly a new faucet (I hate the one in there now). I’d like something vintage brass (oh and in that case adding some new vintage brass hardware to the vanity). If this is the only project I get done this year I will be okay with it. It is more important to save save save the money I have … you know… incase Covid comes back to haunt us.

I’m wondering just how many people will be doing a New Year resolution? Mine is and will remain taking a trip with Peanut. This has been a dream of mine and I’m hoping with the vaccine being distributed that it will come true. The only things left to do is finish her little facelift inside. Come on Spring!

In closing, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (small, big or alone) or enjoyed a holiday celebration. I’m sure we are all gaining a few pounds – SO GET OFF THE COUCH. Just kidding!

Stay squishy! 🙂

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