My Country Farmhouse – The Cost Effective Projects Continue

Just after New Years day I ordered some bay window curtain rods. What are bay window curtain rods you ask? Well, it is a rod that has elbows that bend so the rod is seamless all the way across. It is awesome! At the same time I ordered 6 sets of white sheers (3 sets per set of bay window). A total cost of $200 for everything – which isn’t to bad at all.

The master bedroom has a set of bay windows which is the first room I did. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish to get the rods up and curtains on. I finally have some privacy from the street (you can see into my whole room from the road)

The final room to add the curtains too was the living room. I needed the ladder to do these windows as the ceilings are about 9 feet tall. Taking only 30 minutes to complete as before and the living room was totally transformed. And if it is even possible the ceiling looks even taller than before.

Here are some new items that have been purchased for my house:

Since my last day of work was January 8th I will now begin the process of wallpaper removal in the master bedroom (SO MUCH DREAD). There are at least 4 layers of paper that I’ve counted as I peel back each style of paper. Mainly floral. One appears to be a stripe. At some point there was a floral boarder around the ceiling (feels quite early – 1920s which could have been with the boarder). There is also a 1960-70s paper that is very brightly coloured with large flowers.

I expect this tasks to take A LOT of time and energy. I will be doing it one wall at a time and section by section. These are the original plaster walls under the paper which I am hoping aren’t in terrible condition (bad – yes) as there are cracks in the wall paper and a few holes. The area around the bay window had been started before I moved in. So that is mostly done. This room will need (if all goes well) wall paper removal, plastering holes/cracks, a good wash, caulking around the windows, trim primer and paint, wall primer and paint and the ceiling painted. This will take a decent amount of time – which I will not rushing.

Once that is all done I get to make the room pretty. A new antique brass and lucite ceiling fan and to hang some art on the very bare walls. The bedside tables, lamps, bed, vanity and stool will all remain. I am hoping to repurpose my second accent chair (previously in the living room) in the master along with my second small marble side table. But we will just have to wait and see.

My final task to start will be to get the fabric reupholstered on the cushions and curtains in Peanut. Her facelift will continue as best it can in the cold weather. If it stays in the pluses I can start the floor framing for the bathroom as well.

This about sums up what is coming up in the next month – which means you will all have to stay tuned for progress of the master bedroom and Peanut. Thanks again for following along.

Keep warm!


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