My Country Farmhouse – Wall Paper Removal SUCKS

Alright – I knew it wouldn’t be fun (since I did my entire first house – yes, every room) but this one bedroom is insane. I thought there were only 3 layers of wall paper, which is of course, more than enough to have to remove. But as I began work today it appears there are 5 – 6 layers of paper. And underneath all of that is a wall that is starting to crumble… ugh…

I had to make the executive decision to stop the work and consider a full gut job (removing all the walls – lathe and plaster) and installing new drywall. And since all 4 closets in the house are unfortunately doing the same and crumbling – they will have to be drywalled as well. Unfortunate hit to the budget but it will be well worth it in the long run.

So instead of removing wall paper I decided to shop my house and move furniture around. Why not right! What else am I going to do in a lock down? I moved the grey accent chair and marble table from the back room upstairs into my bedroom to create a lovely little seating area. But now I am completely torn on whether or not I like the look. I do have OCD and when things aren’t perfectly symmetrical … well, it drive’s me crazy. Here is a picture of the bay window with seating area. Perhaps you can figure out what the heck is missing. A second chair? It’s a tight bay window… (note: the wall by the chair is where I was stripping the wall paper off today)

I remember seeing an image of a kitchen with two windows like my own kitchen that had a neat custom made plate rack running down between the two frames and thought it was a brilliant idea. I had my cutting boards hanging there since I moved in to keep them off the countertops (since I’m lacking space there). I watched a couple ‘how-to’ clips on making your own plate racks / art ledges and got straight to work.

I used 1″ x 4″ wood I had left over from another project (no idea what that was) and 1″ x 2″ I used on the garden planter boxes. Using a mitre box, saw, wood glue and brad nailer I was able to complete 3 ledges at 19″ wide. I used leftover trim paint from the other rooms to paint them white which will eventually match the trim paint that will be on the windows. Several screws and a mini level later the task was complete. And I have to say I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s a great use of space. Twinkle lights and a giant M complete the look.

Since the closets all have to be gutted I continued the demolition on the dining room closet. When I moved in I had this glorious idea to turn that closet into a china cabinet. Strip wall paper, add a coat of paint and some shelves and be done with it… Ya right! The walls began to crumble so I carefully swept everything into the closet closed the door and walked away. I will continue working on this closet for the time being – get it 100% ready for some new drywall. Here is the progress:

Well, hopefully no one has wall paper to strip – and if you do – I feel you… Terribly daunting task when the paper is hundreds of years old. But if you do, the final result can be so rewarding. I know it was for me at my first house on Alma St (see earliest blogs). One layer is MUCH easier to peel.

Stay safe, stay warm and stay productive.


One thought on “My Country Farmhouse – Wall Paper Removal SUCKS

  1. Not sure about the bay window. Looks pretty to me. Maybe you could live with it a bit to see if it grows on you. Otherwise, 2 chairs – or a different one (lower?) in the middle. I usually go with “groups of 3” for a pleasing effect. Good luck on your project. I look forward to seeing your progress!


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