My Country Peanut – Fabulous Floral Fabric

It is my firm belief that that current fabric used in Peanut is not original from 1976 … at least I hope it’s not.. I feel like she deserved better for the 70s. Here is what she currently has on her cushions and curtains. Definitely not the worst but also, not the best.

Being a vintage trailer it felt a little wrong looking at all these new modern fabrics. Luckily, while working on my last show there was a hall full of fabric bolts. I mean dozens of rolls of beautiful fabric ranging in ages, styles and colours.

I had originally pulled out a bolt of white fabric with little blue flowers on it, but realized when I got it home that it just wasn’t beefy enough, it was just too dainty. So once again I took a stroll down fabric lane. This time I came across velvet – dusty rose velvet. And it is oh so pretty! This will be the fabric that covers the bench cushions. But now I needed to find something to go with it. Something vintage yet fresh.

Stroll number 3 led me to a bin of vintage fabrics. Just to be clear there were about 100 bolts of fabric in this hallway. And because I was at work I didn’t want to spend much time not doing my job. So I did a quick rummage and found it – a gorgeous cream fabric with yellow and dusty rose flowers on it. It is a perfect match.

On I found rolls of high density foam that is 4″deep X 24″ width X 96″ in length. One roll will do two cushions. I purchased two rolls at $129 each. This stuff is not cheap. But once it arrived and I pulled it out of the box and allowed it to take shape I realized it was worth it. I had a lay down on it (since it will also my bed) and it is really comfortable. It holds its shape really well and doesn’t feel like you are sinking into the wood underneath.

What I did not get was the zippers, batting and piping. I need these cushions to be fully functional in case there is an accident. But, I want them to look super stylish as well. Here is what the cushions will look like in terms of style and shape. The zipper will be delrin in black. This is a marine grade zipper that is light weight, super durable and rustproof. Ideal for a trailer.

Photo is from

And since there is no where to go I decided to call the local sewing shop in Campbellford to get some recommendations for an upholsterer. I spoke to Shane from Royal George Upholstery and after a quick discussion of what I’m looking to get done and sending an email with very specific details I am currently waiting for a quote for the scope of work needed. The first quote will be for the cushions and the second quote will be for the curtains. And for fun I asked if there was enough fabric left over if he can do two throw pillows (which I have the pillow inserts for already). One side in floral and the other velvet.

I cannot wait to get this project started. I wish it was spring so I can be out there working on her every day and making strides in the progress. But for now – one small task at a time.

Update on the inside of peanut: So I went in to do all my measuring again today and noticed that the peel and stick backsplash is not sticking to the wall properly. Damn cold Canadian weather. In the spring I will have to do some research on whether I can salvage it by using spray adhesive or if it just has to come down. Happy this was not a super high cost project. Fingers crossed it all works out as I love the look of it.

Stay tuned for the progress being made on the interior of Peanut. Thank you all for following along.


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