My Country Peanut – The Royal Treatment

This week started off on the right track. At 11am Monday I dropped off the fabric, foam and cushions to Shane Hodge of Royal George Upholstery in Norwood, Ontario (Only 15 minutes from home). Greeted by a cute little dog named Daisy, his shop is on his sisters beautiful farm in an old drive shed that he converted. And it does not disappoint.

After finalizing the details (seams, fabric direction, liner fabric material) I asked the question “how long do you think you’ll need to complete the work?” his answer “I should have them done by the end of the week.”. *** Insert happy dance here *** That was music to my ears. The sooner I get everything back the sooner I can pick the paint colours for the cupboards and/or walls. And as soon as it is 10 degrees Celsius out for a couple days in a row I can get the painting started.

Since I love to keep you all up to date on the projects getting done (house or trailer) I asked him what he thought about taking pictures of the progress he’s making so I can post some updates for you. He was more than happy too as he actually has and Instagram @royalgeorgeupholstery and wants to post his work as well. Win win!

Stay tuned for Peanuts progress in the coming days.

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