My Country Farmhouse – Kitchen Island Completion FINALLY!

Do you remember the old media cart I bought last summer (July) from the classified adds in Peterborough, Ontario? At a cost of only $40.00 it is super heavy duty, has functioning wheels and is the right height. It was super dirty and beat up. It was so rusty that I had to give it a good scrub with steal wool followed by a soapy wash.

The day after I bought it I started getting to work on its transformation. I used two coats of Tremclad Rust proof paint in white to give it a fresh new clean look. I added 4 new holes to the top of the cart for screws so I could attach my old butcher block cutting board as the top.

A couple of weeks later on Etsy I found these dowel rod clips in brass to mount so I can hang utensils or tea towels on.

Just today (February 16th) I found the correct size dowel to fit into the 1/2″ space (it is not exactly 1/2″ which made finding the right dowel a mission). I cut the 48″ dowels down to size and spray painted them black. Once it was dry I gave it a clear coat sealer so the water from the kitchen does not damage them over time.

FINALLY nearly 7 months later the kitchen island is complete. And I think it looks really cool for a total of $75.

I hope you find some inspiration in turning something old and run down into a fully functioning new piece that can serve a whole new purpose.

Happy DIY’ing!

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