My Country Peanut – Simple Trim DIY

After spending way to much time online looking at vintage trailer kitchens I realized with all the beautiful fabrics and upgrades happening that I needed to find a way to transform Peanuts cabinets. Right now they are a simple flat panel piece of wood with no detail. What I want to do is add some small detailed trim work to the front to give them some dimension and texture.

My inspiration comes from seeing these photos I found online:

With stores finally open for in person shopping I was able to head to The Home Depot and do some shopping for building material needed for Peanut and the house. While looking at the trim I found the one that I think is super charming and will be the perfect amount of detail to boost the overall look of the kitchenette.

The next steps were to head out and remove all the cabinet doors, bring them inside and start measuring the trim pieces. Once measured and cut I used wood glue to adhere them to the front panel. I then secured them with some green painters tape until they fully were fully set.

With all 7 doors complete it’s time to let them dry for 24 hours. Once they are sturdy I will remove all the tape, hardware and begin painting them all white. Why not get a head start!

For now this is as far as we go. You’ll have to follow along to see the progress..


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