My Country Peanut – What we’ve all been waiting for (Curtains and Cushions)

Today at 12:40pm I checked my emails and there it was, an email from Shane at Royal George Upholstery that said “Everything is done. When would you like to pick them up?” Of course my immediate response was “Would 1:30pm work?”. There was no way I was going to wait another day to see them.

Do you remember what they originally looked like? Just a little ugly.

I got the two fabric bolts for free. So I saved a pretty penny there. Beautiful vintage inspired floral for the curtains and a dusty rose velvet for the seats. I also asked for two throw pillows to compliment the look.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for her new cushions, pillows and curtains.

What a spectacular job – I am SO happy right now!

I will be making some tie-backs for the curtains as they are a bit stiff to open. Other projects to complete around the benches and table are painting all the grey wood white, making a new wooden table top and raising it 1.5″ so I have more room for my legs to slide underneath, adding a shelf or cupboards over the back curtains and a fresh coat of a warm white paint on the walls.

Only a few more weeks until it is spring. We have some warmer weather happening the next week or so which means I can work on the less glamorous projects like removing the old furnace and making a subfloor for the toilet. I may also be able to get the new floor down. *Fingers Crossed*

Well I hope you are as thrilled As I am right now. Until next time!!!


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