My Country Farmhouse – Low Cost Powder Room Makeover

Usually I start renovating in the smallest rooms of the house and work myself up to the largest… but not this time. This time I started in the bigger rooms (since they were SO dark) – living, dining, landing and guest bedrooms were top priority. Which led to the laundry room in 2020 and now the powder room. All of my projects have been fairly low in terms of spending. And the powder room proves to be the same.

With only the cost of the chair rail trim ($85) and a new oil painting ($38) the powder room came in at only $138.00. Keeping in mind I still have the floors to do at some point.

I began by measuring out the walls and cutting the trim with my saw and mitre box. To install the trim I used a construction adhesive and my brad nailer. Once the glue was set I started filling in gaps with putty to give the rails a seamless look. That took a couple passes as the walls are not square in this house. Once it was dry I used some sand paper to smoothen out the finish. With the trim smooth I began to remove everything from the washroom including the towel and toilet paper bars. I used the the semi-gloss white paint that was used on the trim throughout the house.

While I was painting I decided to only do the lower half in the white and to do the Incredible White (Sherwin Williams) which is on the walls in the house on the upper half. But as I got to painting I realized I really liked the white and so I carried it up the walls from floor to ceiling. And I am so happy I did. The room feels wider and taller now. Not to mention cleaner.

After my trip to Home Depot to get the trim I decided to stop at Nostalgic Journey Antiques on Highway 7 to look around. Knowing that I needed a few pieces of art for the walls I wondered the aisles in hopes of finding something I would fall in love with. And there it was – the dogs ‘Patiently Waiting’ oil painting. It is such a fun piece. And the perfect addition to the powder room. The other piece I found was only $16.00 and it is so bright and cheerful. I’ve decided that it will go in the kitchen once the renovation is complete.

After putting 3 full coats of paint on the walls I was able to rehang the mirror and hang the new painting above the toilet. Finishing the room by adding the bottle of soap and my little faux orchid the bathroom looks like a brand new space. Later on when I decide to take out the toilet and vanity I will get to the floors in but for now the vinyl will just have to do.

Here it is the nearly complete powder room:

From tired too wide awake – this was an easy transformation taking only a few days to complete. Happy renovating!


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