My Country Peanut – Warm Weather and Progress go Hand-in Hand


Oh sweet progress! This week the weather has been in the double digits making it perfect for painting. With the balmy 10 degrees we had Monday I got straight into painting the cabinet frames for the kitchen. With the doors, drawer and hardware having been done for several weeks and just laying around in my laundry room I was super excited to get it done.

To ensure the temperature was just right in Peanut I also ran my little space heater while I did the work. It also helped alleviate the little dampness that was in the air. I ended up having to do a full 3 coats of the semi-gloss white paint to ensure there was no streaking. I used a paint brush rather than a roller to match the cabinet doors. Overall the painting took two days to complete to ensure each coat had enough time to cure.


This morning I brought the doors and drawer out and jumped straight into hanging them. It only took about 10 minutes to get everything done. I made sure that each door ended up being rehung exactly where it came off of. Once that was all done I brought out the plates, bowls, cups, cutlery tray and cutlery and put them away – really I wanted to see if the cups and bowls would fit on the little shelf I purchased from amazon to help save space – they did! I also reused some of the little racks under the sink for dish soap, sponges and other cleaning supplies.

And here we have the (nearly) complete kitchenette

With only 4 weeks left until I get back to work full time I will have to speed up the progress just a bit.

Week 1: To have the propane pipe removed, walls and shelving framed in and the floors down. Week 2: I will paint the bathroom, add the shelving and hang the curtain (door). Week 3: Add the fridge (plug outlet), upper cabinet/shelf over the dinette set, and add the shelf under the stove in the cupboard for pots and pans. Week 4: Use spray adhesive to re-stick the peel and stick tiles, any touch ups required and decorate decorate decorate!!!!

Stay tuned for more progress at the end of next week.


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