My Country Peanut – Spring is Upon us (Progress Report)

Can you believe that tomorrow morning we will be waking up knowing that it is OFFICIALLY spring *Happy Dance*. And to top it off it’s going to be sunny AND hot. Such a great feeling. In a few short weeks there may be plants growing in the gardens and green grass. I’ve already seen mostly green farm fields. And the baby animals are being born. I’ve also been seeing deer every few days. Life is upon us. Around this time last year we were just going in to covid lockdown with so much uncertainty and only our homes to keep us occupied. This year will be slightly different, I will start working full time April 12 and go straight to the end of August. So the veggie gardens will be minimal as I won’t be around to water them as frequently. But that is a-okay with me. Peanut will be getting her own parking pad off the drive way so I can use my garage. And I’m hoping that I can schedule in getting the garage doors done by the end of summer. These old ones are SO loud when you manually lift them.

As promised the weekly Peanut update:

I started off the week by adding the framing to raise the toilet up off the electrical wires that are sitting on the floor. It still needs the wood top with hinges for easy access.

The best part of the week was getting the old propane pipe removed from the middle of the floor where the new framing is going. I purchased the proper pipe tape and the brass cap to securely seal the line. My propane had been unplugged for several weeks knowing I would be working on the line for safety.

Once that was complete my dad came over and helped me (since I’ve never done framing before) plan out where the frame will line up and whether the light would be in the way – and it was… so we moved it over further into the soon to be bathroom. Once that was complete he hard wired the plug for the fridge into the breaker panel box.

And finally I plugged the old furnace ventilation pipe with insulation foam. I decided not to remove it in case a furnace ever has to go back in and also I do not want to install a “patch” on the hole that would be created on the side of the trailer. I already had the insulation from a previous project laying around. FREE!

Yesterday the glass vintage flower buttons I ordered from Germany arrived for the curtain tie-backs. So this afternoon I spent about an hour cutting and sewing the velvet fabric creating adorable little tie-backs. I think they add a touch of elegance to Peanut.

And here they are keeping the curtains open.

Tomorrow morning I will be working on the framing for the fridge and shelves. Fingers crossed I will have that and the walls all in by Monday. I’m just a little behind on my timeline. But I’m not stressing it.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous first day of Spring tomorrow. I will be spending my day outside with the Nut.


2 thoughts on “My Country Peanut – Spring is Upon us (Progress Report)

    1. Hey Maureen – I was just thinking of you the other day. Hope you are dong well. She’s def coming along. I’ve been working on her paint colour for the interior — the white is just SO bright.


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