My Country Peanut – Weekly Progress Update

It has been a super successful week. We have finished the framing, added the wall panels, received the fridge and installed it, put the wall up in the washroom and finally cut out the two little cubby holes for extra storage. One over the fridge and one in the washroom.

Unfortunately it has not been easy as none of walls, ceiling and floor are level. They have bumps and curves all over the place. When you measure 3 times and then cut it still ends up uneven. What can you do… keep calm and move along.

Here are a couple progress pictures:

By the end of the weekend I’m hoping to have the cupboard doors cut out, shoe kick done, wood filling and sanding the little gaps, and the back shelf installed and re-faced.

Because it is suppose to be a very crappy day tomorrow I will likely not get out much if at all. But that is okay – I can use a day off. 8 hour days building is a wee bit tiring.

I hope you have all been having a super fantastic sunny warm week.


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