My Country Peanut – 12 Days Left and Counting (Updated Photos)

It has been a mixed week for weather. A couple of the days were really nice and sunny the others were rainy and gloomy. Over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday I finished up the shoe kick, added the trim details to the two cubby holes, installed the upper back shelf, wood filled all the small imperfections, and spray glued the tiles back down. I also added a new flush cabinet support for the kitchen cupboard to carry the wait (use to be a round pole). I also decided to test a paint colour – Benjamin Moore Pink Poire which I really like, but… not all over. I will leave the pink on the wall and ceiling in the upper cabinet. It adds a nice pop of colour.

Wednesday was rainy, damp and cold so I opted to getting my winters tires off and relaxing. I dropped some food off for my dad and got my new phone working. I Dropped my previous one two weeks ago and cracked the screen all over… What can you do..

Thursday I finished up adding the wood filler on the trim and back shelf, I sanded and vacuumed the trailer in preparation to paint the entire interior white and add some more hints of colour. This will take place over the Easter weekend.

I will be going to the Home Depot to get a can of the white paint and the steal piping that I will use as the curtain rod and curtain hook (tie back to keep the curtain off the floor). Besides some baskets for cleaning supplies and clothing there isn’t much left to purchase for Peanut. I have kept a running total of everything I’ve bought (I’m am WAY over budget) who knew lumber would be SO expensive as well as buying (investing in) tools that I knew I would need to make the job easier. Next to the curtains and cushions being professionally done that was the second highest cost.

Once Peanut is complete I will put a breakdown of where the money went. It might give anyone thinking of renovating a camper an idea of what to expect. I will break it down into categories: paint, decor, lumber, tools, hardware, fabric/sewing etc.. This will give an idea of where the money actually goes.

I don’t know about you but I am getting very excited knowing that she is near completion. I can’t wait to show her off. I’ve joined a few vintage camper Facebook Groups this week which has been a lot of fun. You can see what is for sale, before and after renovation pictures, storage solution ideas and more. You can also learn what sites in the various provinces are best for traveling with pets, private vs provincial parks and so much more.

This is all for now. I Look forward to sharing some more pictures with you next week *fingers crossed* she will be done. Until then – Be cool!


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