My Country Farmhouse – Warm Weather and a Long Stroll

What a great Easter weekend. I had it all planned out perfectly. Work on Peanut Friday and Saturday in the 12 + degree weather, finishing coat of paint Sunday morning and dinner Sunday evening with my family and Monday jumping back into work on Peanut. It all sounded great. Fast forward to Sunday OR the day I thought was Saturday ALL day until almost 9pm. I had been so busy spending all my time outdoors that I hadn’t looked at the news or my phone all day. I worked on Peanut from 10am until 430pm and at 445pm my mom messaged and said “Are you coming for dinner?” my response was “I’ll be there tomorrow for sure.” Thinking that “tomorrow” was going to be Sunday. Fast forward to finally sitting down to relax at 845pm and clicking over to the news channel and seeing “Sun April 6” on the news page. I MISSED EASTER! We all had a good laugh.

SO Monday (yesterday) to make up for my crazy mistake I spent the day with my family. It was a gorgeous 17 degrees out and so we took a two hour stroll through Campbellford in parts of the town we had never seen before. And it was perfect! Campbellford has a long history that goes back into the 1800s and the one street we found was full of perfectly preserved buildings and remnants. Coming across the Christ Church built in 1855, beautiful stone, old stained glass window, and a timeless addition.

The Manse (rectory) was old brick and was equally beautiful.

As you proceed up the hill across the street was the most amazing Limestone two story house. With intact trim and finial, a large piece of land and limestone out buildings. I’m sure the houses interior is as spectacular as the exterior of the house. Maybe one day I can take a tour.

Another short climb up the hill leads to the Christ Church Anglican Cemetery. This cemetery goes back to the 1800s (also has more modern tombstones place). Since I love all things historical I immediately went in to read the old stones. Here is a collection of the stones that we saw. Some were in amazing shape for being well over 120 years old and others were laying peacefully on the ground partially in tact. They all had a mossy coating on them making it harder to read but the stone was so beautiful.

They ranged in shapes and sizes

And they are all hand carved adding to the beauty

And importance

It is not uncommon to find pioneer cemeteries in and around small towns. They are plenty for sure. Some amongst trees on hills and only noticeable on clear days or at the right angle and others are hidden amongst new tomb stones laying down or crumbling in place. If you see one go in and stand in history who knows how much longer those century stones will last.

As we continued our walk we came across more well preserved homes in the area. Campbellford does not disappoint when it comes to big beautiful homes you just have to drive around and find them. Huge century old stone walls surround some residences, old block or brick, and some wood sided homes still exist because the people here want nothing more than to preserve a piece of history.

Circa 1875 – Registered Historical
Mansard Roof on the river – original windows and door

And to finish up our leisurely stroll we stopped at the river and had a rest. It was the perfect day.

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