My Country Farmhouse – What I’ve Been Working on

Wow – can you believe it has almost been an entire month since I finished Peanut? Which means I’ve already been back to work 3 full weeks this week. How time flies. Here are some of the little.. not so little projects that have been going on here at Lady Mathison over the last few weeks.

My veggie garden has been started. Tomatoes, basil, parsley, oregano, cucumber and carrots. When I planted these I had no intention of doing the next project which is adding a parking pad for Peanut off to the right side of the driveway moving her away from the garage door. This meant moving my veggie garden beds. And as I was moving them I realized I really wanted them for plants, flowers and herbs. So the garden beds have been moved to the side of the house.

I’ve added flagstone to the garden beds and some rock display and transplanted the chives and thyme from the original herb garden as well as some perennials from the back garden. And last evening I bought two beautiful gold bleeding hearts plants, two pulmonaria spot leaves and two sunshine susie primulas to plant in the 4 garden beds this week. Finally a bit of colour.

As you read above – Peanut is getting her own parking spot. The pad has been dug, gravel filled and ready for the asphalt to go down in 2 – 3 weeks. Once complete I will have some landscaping to do. The excavator has chewed up part of the lawn making more work but it will be worth it.

I’ve spent many more hours doing yard work. 11 bags of leaves are at the curbside (26 bags last fall) and I’ve pruned all of the trees and bushes. I have 3 massive piles in the front yard of branches and limbs ready to go. The wild life is thriving already. I have baby bunnies in my yard – they are SO tiny. The red squirrel is keeping me entertained as I work from home he sits on the roof by my window where my desk is and runs all over chirping. Even the red robins and doves hang out with me. This is what I enjoyed most about the first covid lockdown, actually experiencing being at home and all it has to offer.

Removed the weird round tree limb which opened up the yard

The gardens are all coming to life with beautiful yellow and purple flowers.

The only thing I’ve done in Peanut (besides use her as my occasional office) is add two metal baskets to the bathroom for storage.

And finally – my little assistants helping me at the office 3 days a week.

When it is sunny and warm out I make sure to spend it outdoors working in the yard or going for very long walks. I hope you do the same – it really is a stress reliever and will help keep you healthy.

Until next time – Stay safe and smile!


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