My Country Farmhouse – The Polmont Grand Orange Lodge *RENOVATION*

Some time ago I went to see a very old, filthy, stinky building that was once used as The Polmont Grand Orange Lodge. Located in Havelock, Ontario (between Campbellford and Havelock) on county road 30. This place was in ROUGH shape and didn’t have water or septic – so it wasn’t going to be a contender.

Well just a couple weeks ago the company that purchased the building finished renovating it TOP TO BOTTOM and she is a BEAUTY- Here is the all new Polmont Grand Orange Lodge:

Not too shabby for a building that once smelled like racoons had made it their own personal washroom. The floor boards and beams are just stunning. This would make a nice retreat – rental property for folks passing through town. You can see the full listing on at MLS #: X5257610.

To see the original ‘Polmont Orange Lodge’ post please visit:

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