My Country Peanut – The Dry Run

Here is it -The Dry Run

Part 1:

Saturday my mom and I went to the Dollarama to get the oven mitts and pot holders that I needed for Peanut – and today I hung them up using sticker back hooks so to not add anymore holes in the walls.

Sunday I spent 2.5 hours with the dog just hanging out in Peanut. It went really well. All they did was sleep the entire time. I guess that’s what happens with nearly 100 year old dogs lol. We had some fun taking silly pics while I listened to the bluetooth speaker. While we sat I took note of some small projects that I still have to complete before we go.

Most importantly – add a window covering to the door window. It was weird sitting there knowing anyone could just come over and stare at me while I sleep … So I grabbed some leftover fabric and cut a piece to fit the window and used extra velcro to keep it in place. It’s not the fanciest but it sure does offer a ton of privacy. I also added a tieback so I can roll it up during the day time.

For our overnight adventure I didn’t bring to much out. Water for us all, housecoat (since fall has apparently arrived…), flip flops, house key, flashlight and socks. Of course the dog beds and blankets are here and I’ve put down a dog pad just in case there are accidents. Overall this is a pretty cozy little set up.

It’s weird knowing you’ll be sleeping outside of your house – knowing that it’s RIGHT THERE… and has all the amenities (bathroom, kitchen, tv) but it’s kind of fun. Hopefully we make it through the night. Little man J hasn’t been feeling well this past month. He is about 18/19 years old and his health is deteriorating a bit. Loss of appetite, arthritis, abnormal bowel movements.. he’s having a hard go at it. We were originally going to sleep in Peanut Saturday and Sunday but it would have been too hard on he and I. So we stayed inside and he finally ate at 11:30pm after over 24 hours of not eating. But today (Sunday) he seems to be doing ok – two full meals.

Part 2 – The sleepover

We got into Peanut around 9:30pm to settle in. Originally Chaya was on the floor in her bed … but she just sat there staring at me so I caved and put her on the bed. About 5 minutes later she settled and passed out. Wee Man J was in his own bed tucked into the top right corner of my bed. He was out cold. No mishaps, hunger or anxiety for the two dogs. It was great. Around 10:15pm I was ready to sleep. I fell asleep ok but realized that I was a bit hot. It had been so cool out this weekend that I opted to wear pants and a t-shirt to sleep in… big mistake with a comforter and sheet – it was too warm even with the fan.

Eventually I balanced out the hot/cold and fell back asleep… only to wake up realizing that the bed was JUST TOO SMALL for one Human and two dogs. I couldn’t turn over without pillows falling down or elbowing J in the head. Lesson learned dogs on the floor from now on. After having a restless sleep I was woken just before 6am by the trains rolling into town. So I gave up, went inside with the pups, fed Chaya and went upstairs to sleep (from 630am – 8am).

I’m going to consider this a mini win. I was more worried about the dogs not liking being in such tight quarters but they killed it. I however didn’t get much sleep – but I had fun being in the trailer.

11 more days until the big adventure begins!


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