My Country Peanut – OMG Two More Days :)

Holy Moly I am so excited that there are only two work days left and then I am FREE!!!!

Peanut is almost fully loaded and ready to go. Clothing, food and dog beds is all that is left to pack. Thursday evening after work I will be doing laundry and a final check that I am not missing anything. I will also safety the tires (air pressure) and hook the car up so there’s nothing to do Friday morning except to load in my moms stuff.

The packing has begun:

Kitchen – lower right
Kitchen – lower left
kitchen – upper left (the right is food)
Above the fridge storage
Clothing, bedding, dog storage

As some of you know Little Man J has been in and out of the vets for just over a month now. Today we saw the eye specialist and it was determined that he has some mild glaucoma on top of his cataracts. Thankfully this can be managed with eye drops twice a day for the remainder of his little life. He is also on pain meds for his arthritis. At nearly 19 (maybe already 19) years old his old man-ness is catching up. But he is still a happy little man.

All that is left to do now if finish work… Go home… Do laundry… Pack and HIT THE ROAD!!!

Next update will be from the road folks! Thanks for following along.


Yay or Nay? It’s kind of funny – because it’s SO TRUE

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