My Country Farmhouse – Hanabury, Campbellton & Bonaventure

Just before leaving Prince Edward Island I decided to visit the old farm house in Nine Mile creek and Hanabury Beach. The farm house is still there… more or less. It is over a century old and is mostly falling to the ground. But the land is still farmed to this very day with potatoes and soy. Hanabury Beach is beautiful, when the tide is out you can walk for miles in warm water along the beaches. You can collect driftwood, sea glass and shells for hours. My family has been going there since we were kids as it is only a few minutes from the farm. This time the tide was in.

I stayed on the Island for a few more days after this and had an oil change since I’d already racked up over 5000km since the last in only 5 short weeks and had another 1800km to go.

I decided to take the Acadian Peninsula home and follow the Starfish route. If you are unfamiliar with these symbols each one takes you on a different tour . Star fish symbol = coastline, Mountain symbol = mountain tour, Lighthouse symbol = lighthouse tour etc. You pick the one you want to follow and just go.

I really enjoyed Shediac. It is a cute little town. Plenty to do. Cute shops, beautiful sights to see and the giant lobster. This town has a real vibe about it.

We (the pups and I) continued the coast line heading North for several hours and would soon arrive in Campbellton, New Brunswick. What a sight to see. With the leaves changing colours this was the perfect time to do this trip. As I was driving the coast I said to myself “with a view like this why didn’t they put a look out point to take pictures from?” and a few seconds later there it was, the look out point. I pulled right over (place to myself), jumped out of the car and took it all in. Photos do not do this view justice. I highly recommend a fall trip should you choose to go.

Once we finished in Campbellton I found a bridge that crossed over to Quebec. My grand mother on my fathers side was born in New Carlisle and since it was only a two hour drive East and I was so close I decided to take a drive over. This trip was again all coastal. Every little town was on the water. More cute shops, tons of motels and gites (French for Inns) and many restaurants along the way. I drove right through to New Carlisle. It was a cute little town, didn’t see much more than the usual century old churches and houses. Some ancestral and some new. We popped in to a little park for the dogs to get out and stretch for a bit.

After that we headed West to Bonaventure QC. This was a cute town. The buildings were awesome. Lots of colour. I popped in to a little boutique full of local handmade crafts (with crafters working on site) and bought some souvenirs. They had some really cute things. A quick walk around and we were on our way. We still had another 5+ hours left to go before settling in for the night.

After a LONG day of driving 13 hours we finally found the Quality Inn Riviere-du-Loup and stopped for the night. We had our little Tim Horton sandwich (since the restaurants were all closed at 8pm), a hot shower and passed right out.

The final journey home took us 8.5 hours. I think after all this driving and being in the car we were all very happy to be home.

I hope you enjoyed following along. Next year 2022 we will be doing another trip to the East Coast. And I am hoping to visit many new places I haven’t been to once again.


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