My Country Farmhouse – The Primary Bedroom Design Board

I usually leave the main bedroom renovation until the very end however, while shopping at Homesense I came across the most perfect duvet cover and shams. Once I saw the Cath Kidston bedding the ideas just started flowing freely and the next thing I knew the bedroom design was done. All I need now is a contractor to get the room started.

Cath Kidston – Duvet Cover and Shams

Contractors are SO busy know it is hard to get quotes. For budgeting reasons I usually only do room by room so I can plan out how best to spend the money I save without going bankrupt. Fingers crossed I can find someone and get the room done by the end of the year. Hopefully I can find a reliable contractor who can work with me and also understand there are some projects I will be doing myself to save on cost.

Once the walls and closet are drywalled I will be painting it Incredible White (like the rest house) by Sherwin Williams. This colour seems to change as you add items with colour in to the space. It is also very warm and inviting.

Incredible White – Sherwin Williams 7028

The bedding was my inspiration for the room, I love the birds and nature of the print, it is just so charming. When I saw it I knew exactly how I wanted the room to look. I’ve got a beautiful vintage chippy white oversized dresser in my Toronto apartment that would be a perfect addition to the space. I will reuse the current bedside table and I’ve ordered two new linen and blue bedside lamps for an additional pop of colour.

I will finally add the antique brass and acrylic ceiling fan to the room which has been sitting in my garage for over a year now.

Many years ago I purchased gorgeous embroideries of birds that I’ve had hanging in my apartment. As soon as I saw the bedding I knew they would finally work in my house.

I will be keeping the long white sheers and woven blinds for privacy and rustic charm. The rods are antique brass and will have to be raised right to the ceiling once the painting is complete. And the final decision to make will be – to move my reclaimed wood vanity and stool in front of the window with the antique brass mirror OR to keep the current sitting area. If I were to keep the sitting area a new chair would be on order since this one feels a bit too heavy and dark. Something to consider – I’ve never sat in the chair so it would be a waste of money.

And finally the last decorative item will be my antique brass bird cage and stand (unfortunately I do not have a picture).

The closet is in rough shape. There are layers of old wallpaper, water stains on the ceiling from old leaks and the rod is too low. This space will need to be gutted and drywalled. A new light fixture and layout is desperately needed. I will be removing the door which now swings inwards with a barn door (or two) which means I can add built-in shelving and a new higher rod (or two).

Here is the closet

My closet door inspirational pic

Well, for now I will continue contacting the contractors in hopes of landing someone reliable and trustworthy who will work with me on making the space exactly what I want. My goal is to have the main bedroom complete by the end of the year – hopefully this is a realistic timeline. The only remaining space to complete after this room is the kitchen (which I’ve finally narrowed down the layout and part of the design) super excited.

Thanks for following along 🙂

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