My Country Farmhouse – A Tiny Update

Since it has been some time since I’ve posted I thought I would share some happy news with you all. On November 15th my tiny family welcomed a new tiny baby into our family. I say baby but he is 12 years young. His long time mommy had terminal cancer and asked Buttonnoses Rescue to take him and his brother in just prior to her passing. I had just sent an update on Junior to the owner of the rescue and she sent me his picture and said he was looking for his next forever home. And so, I drove two hours to Toronto to meet this little guy.

This little 4lb man is sweet, independent, cuddly and so loving. He has become a big part of our family in a short amount of time.

He and Chaya like to play and he has a good time running around the house with zoomies. Junior (my eldest at 18 yrs) has now welcomed him into his space and they have begun to cuddle together and share my lap.

He greets everyone with a big toothy smile as though you are long time friends. Everyone please welcome Marco to our family.

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