My Country Farmhouse – Tis the Season

Tis the season to have fun decorating! I began to pull out my Christmas decorations November 13th just after Remembrance Day. It all started with the tree. I love a tree that is all lit up and covered in beautiful ornaments and a ton of tinsel. I do have a faux tree which I use every year. I spend about 30 minutes fluffing it before decorating so it looks full and even. I have a selection of vintage, personalized, glass and even keychain ornaments on the tree. All the things I’ve collected over the years.

As the last couple of weeks have progressed so has the decorating. My wreaths are up in the doors. I bought a beautiful large wreath for the front door at Karen Browns Antiques in Deseronto for $40 in the summer. It fits the oval window perfectly. The secondary front door is the wreath I made for my first house. It still has a lot of life in it. I put out the little Christmas trees next to the front door and draped lights around the window and door frames on the porch.

On one of the warmer days I put the first set of outdoor lights up. This included the balcony and door and window frames on the second story. And a week later my lovely neighbour Alex put up the second story lights (which will stay up forever). Some inexpensive wreaths from the Dollarama purchased in 2020 and thick velvet red ribbon add a festive touch to the posts of the porch.

Every few days I find something new to decorate inside the house. A couple cute throw pillows, Santa garland, streamers of past cards that I’ve kept, bows, lights and mistletoe all warm each space.

And finally the dining room table – I LOVE a fancy dinner table. I use only what I have to minimize spending however, I did find the cutest dog napkin rings and splurged on them at $30 (x8). I love them! Gold chargers, table runner, napkins and cutlery add some sparkle. New placemats, ivy garland, mini poinsettias, and Christmas crackers complete the look. Who’s ready to eat? I am!

From my tiny family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

~ Michelle, Chaya, Junior and Marco ~

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