My Country Farmhouse – Garage Project Update (Before & After)

When I moved into this house in November 2019 I knew right away that I wanted to replace the garage doors. They were the ultimate eye sore. Holes, worn paint, SO heavy to open and really squeaky. In October 2019 I had some quotes done to replace the doors and add an automatic door opener. Once I got a few quotes I had booked in Scott and was ready to go… But then Covid happened.


In March 2020 I called Scott to put the project on hold since (like most) I couldn’t afford to spend money on any major projects since I was not working and had no clue when I would go back. This wasn’t the only project on hold – many areas of the house including electrical would need to get done, and still do.

During the summer months I decided to do a temporary fix and paint the doors out white. This was about a $60 fix and made the garage look 100 times better. It only took a few hours over a couple days. They were still heavy, squeaky and had holes.

During :

In August 2020 I went back to work and had been super busy working and saving my pennies to get at least one major project done on the house. I stopped working August 2021 and had Scott come back out to re-quote the garage doors. The original quote was over a year and a half old and the world had changed with the inflation of everything. So I expected and minor increase. The project was quoted only a little more than the original. He said he would place the order for the doors but to expect them not to arrive until February 2022 as things were still very delayed due to shortages and shipping. I said “fine by me”.

On December 9th I received a message that read “Santa came early!” from Scott. My doors arrived 2.5 months ahead of schedule. I was just SO happy as I had not done a project on the house since the laundry/rec room in 2020. This would be the most welcome change before we get any major snow. No more manual doors!

A week later it was out with the old and in with the new. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Air tight, no holes or gaps. And quiet, just so quiet. No more waking my neighbours up.

At a total cost of $5480.00 (tax in). I am very happy with the work and quite enjoy opening the doors from inside the car.

Here are the new doors (trim will have to be painted white in the warmer weather some time in 2022)

Before, during and after collage:

To see more pictures of the garage/driveway transformation please visit

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