My Country Farmhouse – The Primary Bedroom Closet (Before & After)

Back in January I finally talked myself into getting the primary closet done. It needed a ton of work. It has the original plaster on the walls and ceiling, awful wallpaper and there were holes, peeling and stains all over the place.

I decided that I would leave the wall paper and peel off any areas that were raised. To cover up thee paper I used a water and oil based primer, this way the plaster beneath would continue to hold. I began by taking everything out of the closet and plastering all the holes and creases. Once it was completely dry I sanded all of the walls while using a shop vac to keep the dust down. I used the white paint used throughout the house on all the trim, the Incredible White paint on the walls and Alpaca on the door.

During (Plaster & Primer):

While the paint was drying between coats I decided to convert the drawers from the old broken dresser in the closet into a shelf. I used only wood from the dresser so that this project was 100% FREE! And used remnants of yellow paint that I had from the Peanuts (trailer) Reno. It just adds a bit of colour to a small space.

While the final coat dries:

Once the paint was dry, I installed the original hooks on the wall behind the door over the new shelf which is mounted to the wall. Levelled the original rod and put the shelf back in over the rod. Besides 3 days of my time this project cost zero dollars which was amazing! I got the project done just in time to head back to work and start saving for the kitchen Reno.



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