My Country Farmhouse – The Completed Powder Room (Before & After)

FINALLY!!!! A room that was (for the longest time) 80% complete is now officially 100% DONE.


This little powder room is approximately 36″ x 72″ (so not very big). Because of the placement of the door it was always a tight fit to walk into when you have a curvy body. As you open the door and step into the room the vanity would stick out almost 7″ into the space making it feel tight. It was 18″ wide by 18″ deep and for that space it was oversized. The new vanity is only 13″ deep which saves 5″ from sticking out into the doorway. It may not seem like much but this little room is feeling a lot bigger now.

This bathroom was outdated but in good shape. It needed paint, a new vanity, faucet and flooring. However, I took it one step further by adding wainscoting and wall paper to amp it up.

Luxury Vinyl Tile – Easystreet SPC Rigid in Sand Castle

I found a box of the flooring that was used in the main bathroom which matched the wall paper perfectly so I purchased one more box at Ronas for $79. The wainscoting trim was approximately $50 and the self adhering wall paper was $60 for two rolls. I reused the white paint that is on the rest of the trim and baseboards in the house to keep costs down. The vanity was $387 and the faucet was $100. I also painted the door with the Alpaca paint colour used on the other doors in the house as a nice contrast. A new antique mirror, towel rod/toilet paper holder and accessories came in at around $100.

For a total of $776 in materials and $392 for a contractor to come in and remove the toilet, vanity (plumbing), lay new floor, install toilet, new vanity and faucet.

Coming in at $1166 over a span of two years.

Hope you like the final result – I certainly do. It is the brightest room in the house!

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