My Country Farmhouse – The Dining Room (Before, During & After)

When you enter the front door you walk straight in to the formal dining room. This along with two other rooms in the house had dark wood paneling on the walls which made the space feel so small. Originally these walls were lath and plaster, which is still beneath the paneling. I contemplated removing it to see what was underneath but that feels like a BIG can of worms.

Very shortly after I moved in I began to prime the living and dining rooms so I could start to envision the space. It was at that time that I decided to paint the majority of the house Incredible White. The whole house just needed a refresh too lighten and brighten.

Incredible White painted room from November 2019 – December 2022:

Because the house was dark, seeing the light and bright paint on the walls was very relaxing so I ended up leaving it white until December 2022. After seeing the kitchen and informal dining room come to life I thought it would be fun to try a two-tone room. I figured I would try the BM October mist on the lower half of the wall and BM Morning Dew on the top half. Oddly enough, the morning Dew read as the exact same colour as the Incredible White so there was no difference. Option #2 was to paint the upper half black and the lower half white. I thought that may be a neat tie in to the kitchen. So I got some samples and began to paint. I completed one whole wall and part of another only to realize that I absolutely hated how dark it was getting again. I’ve seen some gorgeous dark moody dining room pictures that I loved but I could not pull it off. So my final option was to just go with the BM October Mist in this space.

Again, I cannot say enough about this colour. It goes perfectly with the Honey Oak floors and dark wood furniture. It is warm and inviting but does not make the space feel dark. And each room ties in to the other seamlessly. It just made the most sense.

I hung the third set of gorgeous gold curtains I got from the last Mini Series I worked on, moved my nana’s painting in, got two small water colours at Value Village, brought my East Lake Antique table and plant downstairs and that was it. The space was complete. Another night and day transformation that I’m so in love with.

Here is my completed Dining room.


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