My Country Farmhouse – Another Goodbye

I cannot believe that only a couple months ago I finished the renovation for Lady Mathison. I’ve barely lived in the house since her completion. The week after the countertops went in I was back to work full time, which means, I’ve only been in my house on the weekends since January.

Alas, I made the decision to sell my house.

For the past 6 years I have been maintaining two places, my apartment in Toronto (where I live 5 days a week) and my house (which I visit on weekends/holidays). With the constant cleaning two places, property maintenance, renovating, caring for elderly dogs (no sleep), packing and unpacking, and long commutes to cottage country sometimes taking up to 3 hours at the end of a very long work week I’ve become burnt out and need to slow the heck down.

I listed my house on a Monday early afternoon and had a showing within a few hours. The next day there was an offer. I declined that offer as they were the first people through the house and we had not yet held an open house. We decided to post the open house and hold offers. By that time we had multiple offers registered and two that were well above asking and so I chose one. May 8th will officially be my last day in my mini mansion.

I’ve been actively looking closer to Toronto for a house so that I can have one residence and get rid of my apartment (since it was sold to developers last year – and well… the eviction notices are inevitable). It is proving to be quite the challenge. The Durham and surrounding areas list properties hundreds of thousands below market value and EXPECT bidding wars. I’ve put in 4 offers and lost each time. The 5th offer I was in the top 3 and still lost as they wanted me to remove my conditions. I’m certain that I will eventually find a place I love but for now I will just have to keep looking.

Since I’m not sure where I’m going to end up I’ve decided to sell many of my items keeping only the very important things (art work, mattress, a few antiques) that way I do not have to pay for monthly storage. I can start fresh wherever I end up. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up in another project house? Would that even surprise anyone? LOL

For now I am keeping an open and positive mind about what the future holds. On May 8th I will have so many options handed to me that I can take the time to think of what my next step might be.

Let the packing, selling and cleaning commence.



5 thoughts on “My Country Farmhouse – Another Goodbye

  1. Good luck to you! I have really enjoyed reading about your renovation projects. Whoever bought that house is really going to love it. And I hope you will love your new home even more!


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