My Country Farmhouse – The Polmont Grand Orange Lodge *RENOVATION*

Some time ago I went to see a very old, filthy, stinky building that was once used as The Polmont Grand Orange Lodge. Located in Havelock, Ontario (between Campbellford and Havelock) on county road 30. This place was in ROUGH shape and didn’t have water or septic – so it wasn’t going to be a contender.

Well just a couple weeks ago the company that purchased the building finished renovating it TOP TO BOTTOM and she is a BEAUTY- Here is the all new Polmont Grand Orange Lodge:

Not too shabby for a building that once smelled like racoons had made it their own personal washroom. The floor boards and beams are just stunning. This would make a nice retreat – rental property for folks passing through town. You can see the full listing on at MLS #: X5257610.

To see the original ‘Polmont Orange Lodge’ post please visit:

My Country Farmhouse – What I’ve Been Working on

Wow – can you believe it has almost been an entire month since I finished Peanut? Which means I’ve already been back to work 3 full weeks this week. How time flies. Here are some of the little.. not so little projects that have been going on here at Lady Mathison over the last few weeks.

My veggie garden has been started. Tomatoes, basil, parsley, oregano, cucumber and carrots. When I planted these I had no intention of doing the next project which is adding a parking pad for Peanut off to the right side of the driveway moving her away from the garage door. This meant moving my veggie garden beds. And as I was moving them I realized I really wanted them for plants, flowers and herbs. So the garden beds have been moved to the side of the house.

I’ve added flagstone to the garden beds and some rock display and transplanted the chives and thyme from the original herb garden as well as some perennials from the back garden. And last evening I bought two beautiful gold bleeding hearts plants, two pulmonaria spot leaves and two sunshine susie primulas to plant in the 4 garden beds this week. Finally a bit of colour.

As you read above – Peanut is getting her own parking spot. The pad has been dug, gravel filled and ready for the asphalt to go down in 2 – 3 weeks. Once complete I will have some landscaping to do. The excavator has chewed up part of the lawn making more work but it will be worth it.

I’ve spent many more hours doing yard work. 11 bags of leaves are at the curbside (26 bags last fall) and I’ve pruned all of the trees and bushes. I have 3 massive piles in the front yard of branches and limbs ready to go. The wild life is thriving already. I have baby bunnies in my yard – they are SO tiny. The red squirrel is keeping me entertained as I work from home he sits on the roof by my window where my desk is and runs all over chirping. Even the red robins and doves hang out with me. This is what I enjoyed most about the first covid lockdown, actually experiencing being at home and all it has to offer.

Removed the weird round tree limb which opened up the yard

The gardens are all coming to life with beautiful yellow and purple flowers.

The only thing I’ve done in Peanut (besides use her as my occasional office) is add two metal baskets to the bathroom for storage.

And finally – my little assistants helping me at the office 3 days a week.

When it is sunny and warm out I make sure to spend it outdoors working in the yard or going for very long walks. I hope you do the same – it really is a stress reliever and will help keep you healthy.

Until next time – Stay safe and smile!


My Country Peanut – Peanuts Big Reveal (Before, During and After)

1976 Rambler Peanut

As I sit here in Peanut writing this I cannot believe how well this renovation turned out. All 9 feet by 6 feet of her has been updated and I couldn’t be happier. When I first saw the add online I was over the moon that it was only posted within the hour and that only a few short hours later I would get to see her and purchase her (THANK YOU MAUREEN!!!)

The exterior was in decent shape. There is the usual wear (dents and scratches) and a couple little holes but nothing that stood out as “to much to handle”. The electrical had been update and there was a fairly new plywood floor down. The interior was dark grey and the fabric was sad and outdated. But this little girl had so much potential.

Original interior:

I knew right away that the bathroom and the fridge / shelving unit needed to go back in. The original 1976 Rambler Peanut had them and it didn’t feel right not putting them back. There is ample floor space in this tiny unit and that addition didn’t detract from that. It might actually feel bigger in there.

Cost Breakdown:

Accessories and Decor: $303.57

Lumber, Tools, Paint: $639.50

Fabric and upholstery: $1291

Fridge: $212

Hitch lock, Trailer cover, Tire covers: $232

Toilet: $154

Total: $2678.07

Here was my inspirational photo that helped guide me through the process and kept me on track from getting overwhelmed by ALL the amazing ideas you can find everywhere:

Inspirational Photo

As some of you know I was lucky enough to get the fabric for the curtains and cushions for free from work. They were remnants leftover that went unused for years. This was a huge score as I expect that the fabric alone for these two projects would have cost between $500 and $800. This was a huge score!

Shane Hodge at Royal George Upholstery did an amazing job sewing and assembling all the cushions, pillows and curtains. Here were some the photos he took during the process (THANK YOU SHANE):

Over the winter I did the cabinet doors – adding trim and paint to them as well as cleaning the old original hardware:

And little by little I kept working on Peanut when the weather was warm enough:

I had originally budgeted $1500 for the full renovation. I did splurge on the fridge (was going to purchase used) however, The Home Depot sold one that was so shallow I didn’t have to modify the already in place bench seating. I did invest in approximately $400 worth of new tools to get the job done. Now I will have these tools for future projects. And if you haven’t purchased lumber in a long time – the sticker prices of wood is shocking. That was the final largest investment that I didn’t see coming.

For a grand total (purchase $3500) this Tiny Peanut has cost me $6179 and I am okay with that. This is by far my most favourite renovation of all times. This compact cutie is my dream space and a bucket list item and I did it (with a bit of help from my dad who loves to build).


Thank you all so much for following along. The next Peanut Blogs will hopefully come from the road as soon as we get to travel. Until that time I will use her as my office space when working from home and guest space for anyone who wants to try her out.

I am back to work Monday April 12th until the end of August but I hope you follow along as I continue to highlight beautiful old homes and properties and as I jump back into renovating my house. Interior and Exterior 2021!

Happy Spring!


My Country Farmhouse – Warm Weather and a Long Stroll

What a great Easter weekend. I had it all planned out perfectly. Work on Peanut Friday and Saturday in the 12 + degree weather, finishing coat of paint Sunday morning and dinner Sunday evening with my family and Monday jumping back into work on Peanut. It all sounded great. Fast forward to Sunday OR the day I thought was Saturday ALL day until almost 9pm. I had been so busy spending all my time outdoors that I hadn’t looked at the news or my phone all day. I worked on Peanut from 10am until 430pm and at 445pm my mom messaged and said “Are you coming for dinner?” my response was “I’ll be there tomorrow for sure.” Thinking that “tomorrow” was going to be Sunday. Fast forward to finally sitting down to relax at 845pm and clicking over to the news channel and seeing “Sun April 6” on the news page. I MISSED EASTER! We all had a good laugh.

SO Monday (yesterday) to make up for my crazy mistake I spent the day with my family. It was a gorgeous 17 degrees out and so we took a two hour stroll through Campbellford in parts of the town we had never seen before. And it was perfect! Campbellford has a long history that goes back into the 1800s and the one street we found was full of perfectly preserved buildings and remnants. Coming across the Christ Church built in 1855, beautiful stone, old stained glass window, and a timeless addition.

The Manse (rectory) was old brick and was equally beautiful.

As you proceed up the hill across the street was the most amazing Limestone two story house. With intact trim and finial, a large piece of land and limestone out buildings. I’m sure the houses interior is as spectacular as the exterior of the house. Maybe one day I can take a tour.

Another short climb up the hill leads to the Christ Church Anglican Cemetery. This cemetery goes back to the 1800s (also has more modern tombstones place). Since I love all things historical I immediately went in to read the old stones. Here is a collection of the stones that we saw. Some were in amazing shape for being well over 120 years old and others were laying peacefully on the ground partially in tact. They all had a mossy coating on them making it harder to read but the stone was so beautiful.

They ranged in shapes and sizes

And they are all hand carved adding to the beauty

And importance

It is not uncommon to find pioneer cemeteries in and around small towns. They are plenty for sure. Some amongst trees on hills and only noticeable on clear days or at the right angle and others are hidden amongst new tomb stones laying down or crumbling in place. If you see one go in and stand in history who knows how much longer those century stones will last.

As we continued our walk we came across more well preserved homes in the area. Campbellford does not disappoint when it comes to big beautiful homes you just have to drive around and find them. Huge century old stone walls surround some residences, old block or brick, and some wood sided homes still exist because the people here want nothing more than to preserve a piece of history.

Circa 1875 – Registered Historical
Mansard Roof on the river – original windows and door

And to finish up our leisurely stroll we stopped at the river and had a rest. It was the perfect day.

My Country Peanut – 12 Days Left and Counting (Updated Photos)

It has been a mixed week for weather. A couple of the days were really nice and sunny the others were rainy and gloomy. Over the weekend, Monday and Tuesday I finished up the shoe kick, added the trim details to the two cubby holes, installed the upper back shelf, wood filled all the small imperfections, and spray glued the tiles back down. I also added a new flush cabinet support for the kitchen cupboard to carry the wait (use to be a round pole). I also decided to test a paint colour – Benjamin Moore Pink Poire which I really like, but… not all over. I will leave the pink on the wall and ceiling in the upper cabinet. It adds a nice pop of colour.

Wednesday was rainy, damp and cold so I opted to getting my winters tires off and relaxing. I dropped some food off for my dad and got my new phone working. I Dropped my previous one two weeks ago and cracked the screen all over… What can you do..

Thursday I finished up adding the wood filler on the trim and back shelf, I sanded and vacuumed the trailer in preparation to paint the entire interior white and add some more hints of colour. This will take place over the Easter weekend.

I will be going to the Home Depot to get a can of the white paint and the steal piping that I will use as the curtain rod and curtain hook (tie back to keep the curtain off the floor). Besides some baskets for cleaning supplies and clothing there isn’t much left to purchase for Peanut. I have kept a running total of everything I’ve bought (I’m am WAY over budget) who knew lumber would be SO expensive as well as buying (investing in) tools that I knew I would need to make the job easier. Next to the curtains and cushions being professionally done that was the second highest cost.

Once Peanut is complete I will put a breakdown of where the money went. It might give anyone thinking of renovating a camper an idea of what to expect. I will break it down into categories: paint, decor, lumber, tools, hardware, fabric/sewing etc.. This will give an idea of where the money actually goes.

I don’t know about you but I am getting very excited knowing that she is near completion. I can’t wait to show her off. I’ve joined a few vintage camper Facebook Groups this week which has been a lot of fun. You can see what is for sale, before and after renovation pictures, storage solution ideas and more. You can also learn what sites in the various provinces are best for traveling with pets, private vs provincial parks and so much more.

This is all for now. I Look forward to sharing some more pictures with you next week *fingers crossed* she will be done. Until then – Be cool!


My Country Peanut – Weekly Progress Update

It has been a super successful week. We have finished the framing, added the wall panels, received the fridge and installed it, put the wall up in the washroom and finally cut out the two little cubby holes for extra storage. One over the fridge and one in the washroom.

Unfortunately it has not been easy as none of walls, ceiling and floor are level. They have bumps and curves all over the place. When you measure 3 times and then cut it still ends up uneven. What can you do… keep calm and move along.

Here are a couple progress pictures:

By the end of the weekend I’m hoping to have the cupboard doors cut out, shoe kick done, wood filling and sanding the little gaps, and the back shelf installed and re-faced.

Because it is suppose to be a very crappy day tomorrow I will likely not get out much if at all. But that is okay – I can use a day off. 8 hour days building is a wee bit tiring.

I hope you have all been having a super fantastic sunny warm week.


My Country Peanut – Weekend of Progress

This beautiful warm weekend I spent about 10 hours working in Peanut. I was by myself Saturday and Sunday so I googled how to do framing and got to work (I wasn’t about to waste a nice day) I got most of the framing started for the fridge and installed the raised floor for the toilet.

Sunday morning I spent a couple of hours installing the wood look vinyl plank flooring. This is the second time I’ve used this product. They are really easy to cut and snap. So easy I broke one… thankfully I had a bit extra.

Today my dad came over and we continued with the framing. Leaving us only 4 braces to add before the wood siding can go on to create the walls tomorrow. And I began to add the shoe kick around the perimeter of the trailer to help secure the flooring and give it a more polished look. Once the walls are in the remaining shoe kick can go down. To give a cleaner look I used some wood filer to fill the holes and slight imperfections on the shoe kick created by the brad nailer. Once they are sanded down the trailer will be ready for paint (fingers crossed the weather holds up this week).

The progress continues with the next update Friday. Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

Stay tuned 🙂

My Country Peanut – Spring is Upon us (Progress Report)

Can you believe that tomorrow morning we will be waking up knowing that it is OFFICIALLY spring *Happy Dance*. And to top it off it’s going to be sunny AND hot. Such a great feeling. In a few short weeks there may be plants growing in the gardens and green grass. I’ve already seen mostly green farm fields. And the baby animals are being born. I’ve also been seeing deer every few days. Life is upon us. Around this time last year we were just going in to covid lockdown with so much uncertainty and only our homes to keep us occupied. This year will be slightly different, I will start working full time April 12 and go straight to the end of August. So the veggie gardens will be minimal as I won’t be around to water them as frequently. But that is a-okay with me. Peanut will be getting her own parking pad off the drive way so I can use my garage. And I’m hoping that I can schedule in getting the garage doors done by the end of summer. These old ones are SO loud when you manually lift them.

As promised the weekly Peanut update:

I started off the week by adding the framing to raise the toilet up off the electrical wires that are sitting on the floor. It still needs the wood top with hinges for easy access.

The best part of the week was getting the old propane pipe removed from the middle of the floor where the new framing is going. I purchased the proper pipe tape and the brass cap to securely seal the line. My propane had been unplugged for several weeks knowing I would be working on the line for safety.

Once that was complete my dad came over and helped me (since I’ve never done framing before) plan out where the frame will line up and whether the light would be in the way – and it was… so we moved it over further into the soon to be bathroom. Once that was complete he hard wired the plug for the fridge into the breaker panel box.

And finally I plugged the old furnace ventilation pipe with insulation foam. I decided not to remove it in case a furnace ever has to go back in and also I do not want to install a “patch” on the hole that would be created on the side of the trailer. I already had the insulation from a previous project laying around. FREE!

Yesterday the glass vintage flower buttons I ordered from Germany arrived for the curtain tie-backs. So this afternoon I spent about an hour cutting and sewing the velvet fabric creating adorable little tie-backs. I think they add a touch of elegance to Peanut.

And here they are keeping the curtains open.

Tomorrow morning I will be working on the framing for the fridge and shelves. Fingers crossed I will have that and the walls all in by Monday. I’m just a little behind on my timeline. But I’m not stressing it.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous first day of Spring tomorrow. I will be spending my day outside with the Nut.