My Country Farmhouse -The Holidays Have Arrived

FINALLLY!!! I thought this day would never come. I’m SO happy I will be off work for a bit but sad that our show (the movie I’ve been working on since August 21st) didn’t finish shooting as scheduled mid December and I will be back to work for a week or so in the new year. I know some of you are saying “stop complaining, you still have a job” and YES I am thankful for that. I’m just SO exhausted.

As many of you now I work in the Toronto Film Industry. Our industry had been given the green light to get back to work in early August. With strict protocols in place each show one-by-one began prepping and soon after shooting. I had my first Covid test Friday August 21st and started working Monday August 24th. And I have been full steam ahead since. Since that time I have had 22 Covid tests, worn a masks every single day with no complaints and if I am on set used safety glasses as well. All for my and our crews safety.

It has been a long journey with some bumps along the way. But we in a small way have nearly made it to the end.

And So begins my Christmas Holidays. This year I did things a little bit differently. Usually I bake 12 – 14 recipes just before Christmas Eve, however, this year I decided to buy homemade cookies, squares, fudge and other fancy little items from local small bakeries to help support them and keep them in business. You cannot be disappointed by any of the baked goods you get at a bakery. YUM! I will be baking two of my absolute favorite recipes (chocolate peanut butter marshmallow squares and rice krispie squares) that everyone looks forward to once a year.

I did finish Christmas shopping a couple weeks ago. Some online and a few items in store. This year will be a quiet low key Christmas with items that family members can use over the upcoming (December 26) Province wide lock down which will be about a month long. For my babies (dogs) I got them adorable little sweaters with a hood that has little ears on them. A pink one for Chaya and a light grey for Lil’man J. Pictures will be shared after Christmas.

I did some more decorating (forgot to take pictures) mostly added strings of cards and pictures to the living room , twinkle lights in the kitchen and found my Santa Cookie Jar. Unfortunately a string of lights went out on the roof line and so I replaced it with a spare set I held back for emergencies (who knew I’d actually need it?).

Christmas will look very different for most this year. I’m sure some of you will be doing a Zoom or FaceTime style Christmas dinner with family as you eat your turkey dinners. Others may only be celebrating with immediate family (household only) and of course there will be some that will visit family members from other households. Whatever it is you choose – BE SAFE.

From my little family to yours – We wish everyone the Merriest of Christmas’ and the Happiest New Year!

My Country Farmhouse – My Favorite Time of Year (updated Dec 4, 20)

With a super successful Halloween under my belt (a total of 75 kids came out trick or treating) and a somber Remembrance Day all in the past few weeks, It was time to start the Christmas decorating Saturday – that’s right – Christmas.

Since I didn’t do much for Christmas 2019 (having just moved in and jumping right into renovations) AND because 2020 has been a bit of a crappy year (pretty sure there are much better words to describe it) I’ve decided to go all out this year with the decorating. On the exterior front of the house I’ve hung 7 of the 10 green and red LED light strands to the house and to the face of the garage. I’ve placed beautiful velvet ribbon around the 6 posts with wreathes and bells, placed my two small Christmas trees at the main door which I’ve added new lights to and put the wreathes on all 4 doors.

On the inside of the house I plan on decorating the following rooms: The Dining room, living room, sitting room, main bathroom, half bathroom and stairwell/landing.

Here is what I’ve done so far.

Dining room: I Used garland and red bows to add a classic feel to the house. These bows were originally on the wreathes outside but they looked less than spectacular. After taking the wreathes apart, replacing the bows and bells they work much better indoors.

Sitting room: Reusing old Christmas cards I’ve received over the last 10 year, some red ribbon and some tack nails to create a festive wall full of colour in what was an empty space. With moving all the new appliances and tools to the workshop I’ve created a secondary dining area which has the console table from the rec room and hung a beautiful large piece of artwork over it. A red table runner, oversized vase with acorns and baubles and some garland to complete the look.

Over the next several weeks I plan on continuing with the Christmas decor. It really seems to cheer everyone up. I know I feel better with it. I have many more lights to put up and a table full of decor to place. And the last weekend of November the Christmas tree will go up.

By mid December work will be winding down, the show will come to an end and it will be the Christmas Holidays. I know I am looking forward to some time off. Time to clean, bake and wrap some gifts.

Hope you are all looking as forward to the Holidays as I am. Stay tuned for updated pictures on the progress of the Christmas decorating.


Update: November 23, 2020

Two more stringers of lights have been put up around the two upper windows over the porch.

I moved the smaller ribbon of cards from the large wall to the opposite side of the room evening out the Christmas decor.

A festive poinsettia as a centre piece on the dining room table.

A second Christmas tree has been set up upstairs on the landing providing ambient light. (Ornaments to come)

Using materials out of the yard I’ve created two floral arrangements leading up to the front of the house. The cute Christmas trees were from the Dollarama.

And a shot of our first snowfall taken by my Neighbour Alex when the house was all lit up.

November 22, 2020


Update: December 4, 2020

Both Christmas trees are up and the Christmas cards are ready to go.


My Country Farmhouse – Simple Christmas Decor


We are days away from the big day- Christmas! Since I am renovating and constantly moving items around I opted out of going “big” on the Christmas decor and simplified it.

From work I was given a massive poinsettia that I am using as the centre piece on the dining room table.  And in front of the front door is one of the two mini Christmas trees that I purchased off the classified for $30.  Next to the little tree is a nutcracker, reindeer and some of the Christmas cards I’ve received this season.

In the living room is my Christmas tree sitting in the bay window, little chocolate sleigh (gift I received), cards and of course chocolates.

In the sitting room is the second little Christmas tree.  The kitchen has one little wood sign hanging between the windows. The front door of the house has the wreath I made a couple years ago and the mudroom has the bow wreath I purchased a couple years ago on the door leading in to the main house.

From my tiny family to yours we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!