My Country Farmhouse – My Favorite Time of Year (updated Dec 4, 20)

With a super successful Halloween under my belt (a total of 75 kids came out trick or treating) and a somber Remembrance Day all in the past few weeks, It was time to start the Christmas decorating Saturday – that’s right – Christmas.

Since I didn’t do much for Christmas 2019 (having just moved in and jumping right into renovations) AND because 2020 has been a bit of a crappy year (pretty sure there are much better words to describe it) I’ve decided to go all out this year with the decorating. On the exterior front of the house I’ve hung 7 of the 10 green and red LED light strands to the house and to the face of the garage. I’ve placed beautiful velvet ribbon around the 6 posts with wreathes and bells, placed my two small Christmas trees at the main door which I’ve added new lights to and put the wreathes on all 4 doors.

On the inside of the house I plan on decorating the following rooms: The Dining room, living room, sitting room, main bathroom, half bathroom and stairwell/landing.

Here is what I’ve done so far.

Dining room: I Used garland and red bows to add a classic feel to the house. These bows were originally on the wreathes outside but they looked less than spectacular. After taking the wreathes apart, replacing the bows and bells they work much better indoors.

Sitting room: Reusing old Christmas cards I’ve received over the last 10 year, some red ribbon and some tack nails to create a festive wall full of colour in what was an empty space. With moving all the new appliances and tools to the workshop I’ve created a secondary dining area which has the console table from the rec room and hung a beautiful large piece of artwork over it. A red table runner, oversized vase with acorns and baubles and some garland to complete the look.

Over the next several weeks I plan on continuing with the Christmas decor. It really seems to cheer everyone up. I know I feel better with it. I have many more lights to put up and a table full of decor to place. And the last weekend of November the Christmas tree will go up.

By mid December work will be winding down, the show will come to an end and it will be the Christmas Holidays. I know I am looking forward to some time off. Time to clean, bake and wrap some gifts.

Hope you are all looking as forward to the Holidays as I am. Stay tuned for updated pictures on the progress of the Christmas decorating.


Update: November 23, 2020

Two more stringers of lights have been put up around the two upper windows over the porch.

I moved the smaller ribbon of cards from the large wall to the opposite side of the room evening out the Christmas decor.

A festive poinsettia as a centre piece on the dining room table.

A second Christmas tree has been set up upstairs on the landing providing ambient light. (Ornaments to come)

Using materials out of the yard I’ve created two floral arrangements leading up to the front of the house. The cute Christmas trees were from the Dollarama.

And a shot of our first snowfall taken by my Neighbour Alex when the house was all lit up.

November 22, 2020


Update: December 4, 2020

Both Christmas trees are up and the Christmas cards are ready to go.


My Country Farmhouse – The Completed Laundry Room & New Family Room (Updated: Dec 4, 20)

Please visit My Country Farmhouse – The Laundry/Mudroom Design and My Country Farmhouse – Laundry Room Progress for everything leading up to this moment.

I can happily say that the washer and dryer have been installed. With the dryer outlet directly on the opposite side of the wall (in the kitchen) all the electrician had to do was remove some drywall and feed the cable through a new hole to the other side, they even reused the same outlet box.  They also installed the new exhaust for the dryer which exits out the west wall and cannot be seen.

The electricians (Jason and Kevin) were so good at removing the piece of drywall that I was easily able to put the cut out piece right back in to it’s place. Money saved! A little plaster, sanding and some paint finished the job.

Next the plumber (Brad) moved the plumbing in to the new laundry room opposite the same kitchen wall as the electrical. Unfortunately there was no way to move the plumbing so it would all be under the floor and not seen so, it will stick up about 1″ – 2″  from the floor in the kitchen. Luckily I’ve designed the kitchen so that it will sit under a cupboard and you will never see it. In the new laundry room there are 3 holes; hot, cold and the drain pipe. With the washer sitting in front of them you will only see the tops of the water shut off valves and the drain pipe which needed additional height to ensure no flooding would occur.

With the washer and dryer in place it was time to start decorating the space. The French doors were trimmed 3/4″ to avoid hitting the slope in the floor as they open. The walls have been painted in Benjamin Moore’s Grey Beard (which was a full can from my previous house renovation – savings!) and I spray painted the old vent covers matte black to match the French door handles, brackets and pantry hardware.


Over the washer and dryer I hung two shelves with black brackets using reclaimed wood I purchased a few years ago that was laying around. I added a piece of art from a collection I had in storage, a couple faux plants and some laundry jars. On the west wall I added a straight 6″ hook made of steal pipe that I had in the basement and added a couple wood hangers for items that need to hang dry. Style and function.


The final step will be to add the 3 ceiling medallions and the 3 new farmhouse style light fixtures. As much as I am not a fan of the florescent lights currently installed – they do make the space feel larger (they are so big). Also, I’m in no hurry.

Note the beautiful 5mm with under padding Beckham Brothers vinyl plank floors in Nottingham Oak. They are waterproof and super durable. The largest investment I’ve put in to the house so far —- AND SO WORTH IT!!!

And here she is – The new Laundry Room with pantry and Recycling station. Who wouldn’t want to do their laundry in here?

And on the opposite side of this 300 square foot room is the NEW family room. With space for my large couch, chair, tables and antique hutch. And since it is the coldest room in the house it will be a nice place to relax on those hot summer days. Or to just sit and fold my laundry.

Entrance in to the family and laundry room

The Family Room


Here is the finally tally for the Laundry/Family Room:

Pre-covid budget was $5000 / Covid budget became $3000

Floors – $1750

French doors – $100

Brackets and screws – $23

Lighting – $200

Electrical – $406.80

Plumbing – $680

Current total – $3159.80

This is now my second favourite room in the house (the landing upstairs still being my first). What was an outdated room with purple carpet, burgundy valences and bi-fold doors is now light, bright and airy. Definitely a space I will want to use often. Stay tuned for the total cost of the renovation.


My Country Farmhouse – A Fresh New Exterior for Lady Mathison

Lady Mathison

When I first drove up to this house I knew it had the potential to be one of the most stunning victorian homes in the area, the kind you see and just dream of living in. Large porch, large windows, a balcony, hooks to hang planter baskets, original posts and original solid wood doors. What the house needed was a fresh coat of paint. The sun and rain had left it feeling a little tired looking.

It all began with me removing the balcony door to give it a new high gloss Hunter Green coat of paint. Once the door was rehung I knew it was time to get the rest of the exterior work done. And so I moved right downstairs and completed the front side door in the same colour.

I painted the balcony with white Sico Exterior Woodwork paint in a semi-gloss. After two coats it was complete. However, with all the rain that week it took about 5 days to actually complete the work. To the right of the balcony is an original wood window that also needed a good two coats of paint. It takes 4 hours between coats to ensure the paint lasts the 5 years it claims before it starts to chip off.


Moving down to the porch I started filling the holes in the posts back in April. As the weather improved. In May I began the painting  which took about two weeks (again because of the rain and dry times) to complete. It also took a bit more time because I was painting them two colours. I had to tape off the areas I did not want green. I did a coat of the white paint first and used the Hunter Green Rust-oleum waterproof spray paint for the accents in a high gloss.

The next task was to paint out all the trim and sills of the 3 bay and dining room windows. These windows will need to be replaced in the coming years but for now a fresh coat of paint will have to do. The white paint will help them feel more cohesive with the white windows that have already been replaced.


The original front door had a hole at the bottom right corner. Since I do not have the tools to fix it myself I asked Chase a local handyman who actually builds custom wood doors and who did a couple small wood cuts in the past for me if he could take it and fix it. And he agreed to it. He cut 6 inches off the bottom to remove the damaged area of the door, drilled out 5 holes to insert dowels, cut a piece of pine to the size removed, drilled holes in the new piece of wood, added glue to the holes and attached the new piece to the door.  Once the glue was set he plained the door to make it look  as though there were no changes made. And it looks perfect!

While the door was away being repaired I worked on repairing the glass insert that I kept in the house for safety. I used some wood filler and did two coats of white paint to keep the original look. And when the door was retuned I did a nice coat of Hunter green paint.

After repairs & paint

This afternoon I finished the final 3 coats of white paint on the side front door.  Having painted it solid green originally, looking from the road to that side of the house was too dark.  I decided to paint the interior of the frame around the glass white to mimic the front door and to help the door stand out – and it worked.


And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for – The before and after of the exterior of the house. Full disclosure: at some point the porch will also be transformed. But for this year I am super happy with the outcome. The total cost to liven the exterior of the house was $196.  A somewhat inexpensive cost for a high impact look.





I hope you like the outcome as much as I do.






My Country Farmhouse – Week 8 Update: Designing the Kitchen

With all this time on my hands I’ve decided that I would finalize the kitchen design so that when we are back to work there will be no time wasted getting started. My original budget was (for me) on the high end at $20,000 – $25,000 which is a lot of money. Now, with being out of work I’ve come to realize that that is no longer what I want.  It’s not me.  Of all things I am a frugal person. There are a lot of things I can do myself, purchase prefabricated cabinets and install same with prefab countertops, install a new light fixture, paint, tile, flooring the list goes on. What I cannot do is where I will have to spend a few bucks – mostly plumbing and electrical work.

Here is a breakdown for my 11′ X 12′ space:

Cabinets – $3500

Countertops – $1200

Hardware – $200

Sink and faucet – $800

Backsplash – $800

Flooring – $1000

Electrical & Plumbing – $1000

Lighting – $300

Wood/drywall/trim – $1000

Paint – $100

Buffer – $500

Total NEW Budget – $10,400

I will no longer be removing the entire wall between the sitting room and kitchen. Once the stove and fridge is moved the kitchen will have an additional 25″ of space to move around. And maybe a bit of room for a slender island.

Here is my design for the kitchen:

Hampton Bay Edson – Grey/Taupe Cabinets Shaker style (Home Depot Canada) Prices vary per cabinet

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 8.26.23 PM

Acacia Wood Countertops – Light Oak (Home Depot – Canada) $485 EA

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.50.33 PM

Merula Tile Artisan Azul Decor (Home Depot – Canada) $169/box (14 sq.ft.)

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.04.32 PM

Brass Classic double porcelain handle faucet with Shipping ( $180.00

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 6.46.04 PM

White Quartz Classic 33″ x 18″ Undercount Kitchen Sink ( Reg. $982.99 FOR $439.99 / Plumb Pak Keeney Deep thread cast brass sink power ball basket strainer 3.5″ White ( $26.45

Richelieu Regency Brass 3″ Handle (Home Depot Canada) – $7.06 EA (X17)  / Summer Street Home Hardware Small 1.5″ Centre Ring Pull ( $10.40 EA (X6)

Ceiling medallion – free (handmade) found two in a bin headed to the garbage at work. SCORE!!!


Andrews 5 – light candle style classic/traditional chandelier with crystal accents ( $269.99

Pine plank flooring painted blue (complimentary colour to the tile)


Here is the layout of the South Wall


Here is the layout of the North wall


As you can see I’m heading in the direction of French Country – which I absolutely adore. Rich brass tones, natural wood, crisp whites, rustic tiles – sigh!

I’ve decided to increase storage space by putting a double stack set of upper cabinets directly on top of the countertops on either side of the fridge. Here is an example of how that would look:

To save on cupboard space I like the idea of hanging my pots on the wall which is usually wasted space. Even lids can hang on the wall if the design is right. Here are some inspirational photos:

And I will continue to hang my wood cutting/serving boards on the wall which also makes the kitchen feel a little rustic and cozy.


Once the kitchen has been assembled I will pick a fresh paint colour to enhance the final feel of the kitchen.

Since I won’t have the eat-in kitchen I really love I’ve decided to turn the “sitting” room in to a little dining area and library. Just outside the kitchen will be my table and chairs and on the far side by the windows I will build custom book shelves that will look like they’ve always been there and add a chaise to curl up on.

And that concludes the new kitchen design.

Since it is Mothers Day I’d like to take a second to wish all the moms a light and happy Mothers day. Although not everyone can be with their moms with our current situation I hope you get to Face time or Zoom or just call them to make their day a little more special. I’ve decided to paint my mom a picture and bake a loaf of homemade bread which I know she will love (well mostly the bread 😛 )


Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.






My Country Farmhouse – Mixing the Old with the New

Century homes offer some of the most spectacular character already built in to them and it was built to last.  It was all done by hand and that is why many people look to buy them to continue to preserve a piece of history.  They usually do require more work but the reward of salvaging them often comes back full turn later on.

The Woodwork

Hand carved staircases, trim, fretwork, and hardwood floors just to name a few. If the wood has been oiled and maintained over the years you shouldn’t have to paint it out – and I suggest you don’t if they look anything like wood in these pictures. The wood adds to the warmth and charm and it is something you don’t see often since everyone has probably already painted it white to brighten their spaces. Just paint the walls a neutral light colour to make the wood the feature of the house.

Here are some beautiful ideas of how to update a house with natural stained wood trim:

The Doors

Someone once asked me what my opinion was about replacing their century old solid wood doors. Here was my response “absolutely not”. Why would you want to? Now you can custom build a solid wood door to look like the original door (for a hefty fee) which is a great option (if your door is in total disrepair) or you can sand and re-stain your already near perfect ORIGINAL door yourself. You can also hire someone to take on the task but again it will cost a bit of money, but in the end it will be so rewarding. People looking at a century home often want all the original charm and character, if you take it away it makes the house feel a little less valuable.

Crown Moulding, Baseboards and Wainscotting

Crown moulding and baseboards add to the height and finish of a room in an old home. Often the ceilings are 8 feet or higher (some can reach 10 feet). You can add it to any house and it isn’t overly expensive as many products have come a long way. You can now get crown moulding that is foam and plaster combination which is a popular choice however, most century homes already have plaster moulding in place and once you take it down you will never get it back the exact same way. Wainscotting is another low cost addition to any room and can easily be done by someone with a level and excellent cutting/measuring skills (I installed it to the dining room and kitchen in my previous house on Alma St). It makes a room feel a bit more luxurious and refined.

The Exterior

Incredible hand carved wood “ginger bread cut-outs” are often found on well maintained century homes. There can be posts, corbels, hand rails, dental work, shutters and wood windows. Since the decorative wood is usually very thin it’s not uncommon for it to get destroyed after years of braving the elements. At my house the porch posts are original wood and are in need of a bit of filler, sanding and a paint job to bring them back to life. A little TLC can help them last many more years.

An easy way to add some character to an old home that has been modernized is by adding an old piece of furniture, mirrors, art work, fabric and even wall paper (if you like it).


Find art that you love and invest in it. Art is super personal you either really love a piece or you don’t.  It has taken me about 20 years to build a collection of pieces I love. I prefer oil and watercolour paintings in gold frames. Remember you are not limited too sticking to one or two types of art. Skies the limit if done right. Sketches, portraits, prints, installations, statues, abstract, large and small frames can all make a space feel finished. Collages, sets, collections and individual pieces can work just about anywhere.


Adding an old piece of furniture to any room makes the space more personal. I have a piece in every room of my house (a couple pieces in some) and they add so much warmth.  In my single guest bedroom there is an old day bed, shelf and dresser. They all work perfectly together as they are in the same wood tone and because I painted the walls a light neutral colour (Incredible white) it helps to keep the room from feeling “old”.

Expose the brick

Here are three beautiful examples of what you can do with brick in the house. It is timeless. If you’ve got it and you think you can make it work – take a chance. If you hate it you can simply add some drywall.

Until next time – enjoy! Do a little decorating. Make some inexpensive changes. And feel good about a space you may have forgotten.











My Country Farmhouse – Bachelor Apartment for One


As you know I’ve been helping to get a little bachelor apartment ready for my dad.  He made the move to Havelock March 28th and has spent all his time getting his little place set up.  I helped him in finding pieces of furniture to furnish the place (on a very tiny budget) as he didn’t have much to bring from his previous apartment. I found him a bed frame $50, mattress and box spring $120, brand new pull out couch $60, table $40, bedding $90, and some every day necessities $100. This apartment is about function and livability – not glamour. This is not my usual project.

Here are the before pictures:





Since the kitchen didn’t have very much shelving my sister and I dissembled my kitchen (which will be fully renovated if we ever go back to work) to give him the old microwave shelf and 2 additional cupboards. Also for a bit more storage the purchase of a small spice cabinet $20.


I also added a medicine cabinet (free) for more storage since there was only room under the sink. I hung a new shower curtain and liner $30 and purchased some new towels $30.

Since he had a coffee table, shelf, two side tables and two dressers all I had to do was wait for moving day to get them in their spaces. My sister gave him a little microwave and 4 dining room chairs to help save on cost.

Here is the finished apartment:





Upcycled Coat hooks and shoe stand


For a grand total of $510 this little bachelor is now fully furnished with everything one can need to feel cozy at home.


My Country Farmhouse – The Main Bathroom


This is the biggest bathroom I have ever personally owned (house or rental unit). My previous house and current apartment are so small you could brush your teeth and pee at the same time. Your knees were that close to the vanity. I never thought it mattered about the size of a bathroom until this house, it’s just so spacious.

This is the most modern room in the house. New vanity, sinks, faucets, mirror, tub, shower head, tile, toilet, floors and paint – DONE. There was little to be done in here. But there were a couple things that had to change.

There was no toilet paper dispenser. So I purchased a stand alone with spare TP holder attached that sits across from the toilet. There was no where to hang a hand towel or any towel for that matter. After looking on I found a set of 4 towel and toilet paper rods. I used two upstairs; the ring and a rod for my hand towel. Downstairs in the powder room I used a rod and the toilet paper dispenser as that room didn’t have one either.


It has excellent storage. A section of shelving, cupboards, and drawers in the vanity.  I used little bins to store the smaller items – staying organized. And some little bins in the drawers. Since the toilet was so far out from the wall I felt like there needed to be a shelf to hide the 4″ gap. I reused some wood and brackets from my supplies and Voila! a cute shelf to add some decor to.

And finally the beautiful wood trim had to be painted white (it just did not work in a bathroom that was all grey and white).  I hate painting something original… but it made a huge difference.

I did purchase some new towels, hand towels and face clothes  at Wal Mart to match the decor in the bathroom in a soft grey. And at Winners on the clearance rack a soap and tooth brush holder and shower curtain.  At a total cost of roughly $130 the main bathroom is done.







My Country Farmhouse – A Guest Room for Two

I love decorating rooms for other people to stay in. I haven’t the slightest clue what I want to do in the master bedroom for myself but I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do in the guest room with the queen size bed.

This room had what appears to be off white walls with a green accent wall, mostly white trim, a large window and an LED 4 light fixture. The closet also has some super fancy Care Bear wall paper (my childhood).

I removed the words and shelves that were on the walls and did some plaster touch-ups a head of time. The room has been emptied out (excluding the bed) which has a tarp on it.  The next step is to take the light off the ceiling, paint it, and start painting the trim white. After that I will be priming the one green wall and painting the room with the Incredible White that I’ve used throughout the house (since I have a couple cans leftover).

I’ve purchased a new more modern light fixture ($97) that ties in to the one in the landing (it is simply a smaller version), I have a gold curtain rod ($24.99) that is the same as the others installed in the house, soft grey linen sheers ($39.99 at Homesense) and a Roman blind ($87) to hang.

The repurposed sewing machine will be in the room along with the little white dresser with attached round mirror, water colour of my first home, oil painting on canvas of birch trees from the previous living room, black wall sconces and black metal headboard. I will use the little wood bench and build some floating side tables to complete the look. Total cost to complete the room: $249.00

I hope you like my quirky guest bedroom!









Dates are confirmed for the Electrical update which will be Tuesday February 11th and the stair runner date has moved to Wednesday February 12th.  That will be a busy week. Stay tuned!




My Country Farmhouse – Creating a Functional Landing

In my previous property the landing was 3 feet by 6 feet.  So you couldn’t do anything to it. A new light fixture, paint and a piece of art pretty much filled up the space. Lady Mathison however, has a massive landing big enough to be a bedroom really.  It has more of my favourite wood paneling (ha-ha), 8″ baseboards a large bright window, a door that leads to the balcony (I have a house with a balcony he he), a light fixture on the ceiling that is falling off and a small vintage sconce light on the wall coming up the stairs.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 8.43.14 AM

Since I am using all three bedrooms as intended I’ve decided to make the landing my office and art studio space.  This area will require quite a bit of paint. The ceiling will need to be painted, the walls need to be primed and painted, all of the baseboards, crown moulding and window trim will need a fresh coat (or two) of white paint and the stair rails will need painting as well. I’ve purchased a curtain rod, curtains and roman blind for the window and a new light fixture for the ceiling. Since the sconce is pretty adorable I will simply refinish it with some gold paint to match the other fixtures.

Since I am still on vacation this month I’ve been plugging away and doing a few hours of work each day.  So far 95% of the landing walls have been primed.  Reason for stopping – ran out of primer. Much like the living and dining room just a simple coat of primer has made a dramatic change upstairs.  It is already so much brighter. I will be painting the landing in the same Incredible White by Sherwin Williams that was used in the Living, dining, sitting and single guest bedroom.

The landing was missing some quarter round (shoe kick) which I installed to complete the look. I used my new Air Strike Brad Nailer by Ryobi and some 1.5″ nails which sped the installation time right up ( I use to do it by hand… What was I thinking?) I’ve set up my mitre box and hand saw in the basement on the work table with a measuring tape and pencil – this is so I do not have to bring the measuring tape and pencil upstairs each time and risk forgetting to bring it back down. I have a notepad, pencil and measuring tape upstairs and as I measure and track the pieces I need I head back downstairs, cut and come back up and install every couple pieces as I go.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.23.55 PM

With the ceiling, walls and trim all painted with two coats it was time to decorate. I reused my lovely table purchased from Kijiji I used in the sunroom in my previous house, black Ikea chair, little white cabinet purchased for $60 at the Antique Market in Woodstock Ontario, easel purchased from the Trent Hills Classifieds for $45, stool from Nostalgic Journey for $35, oil painting from Home sense, plants, and art supplies.

Overall the total cost to complete the landing is approximately $660. The larger amount of paint came in around $120, window treatments $170, and light fixture $209 are the more costly items in this room.

Here is the completed office & studio space:


And since completing the space I’ve had some time to enjoy painting (which I haven’t done since childhood)


I’ve also decided to add a slightly contrasting paint colour (Sherwin Williams – Alpaca) to the doors in the house to really make them pop.


Coming up in (hopefully) less than 2 weeks – the completed stair case with new traditional runner and completed paint.

Be creative!




My Country Farmhouse – The Dining Room UPDATE PICS FEB 15, 2020

Probably some of the fancier wood paneling I’ve ever seen but still too dark for my taste. I’ve spent about 40 hours over the past few weekends/weekdays since my winter vacation started priming, doing the first and second coat of trim and painting the walls.  Yet again another room that is transforming from night to day.

Since I had to take down the light to paint the ceiling I replaced the crystal chandelier with an antique brass 6 light chandelier ($209) which hangs 24″ lower than the previous making a statement. I chose this light to complement the age of the house and to balance the massive century old mirror that will hang on the wall.  The mirror is 53″ x 64″ – weighing in around 120lbs. This mirror will make its presence known and I do not want to compete with it.

I spent a good amount of time looking for a dining room table and chairs that will complement the feel of the newly painted room.  I love the table ($300) I purchased from a friend of mine it matches the wood tones in the mirror. The chairs I purchased are clear acrylic (x4 = $417) aka ghost chairs.  They are very comfy, hold up to 250lbs  and make the space feel more airy.  They aren’t trying to compete with anything – they just seem to disappear.


My first week off was very busy. Besides renovating I’d been baking for Christmas, wrapping gifts and doing a lot of cooking.  In between all of that I finished painting the dining room, hung the roman blind, curtain rod and curtains and placed the new chairs around the table.

Originally the curtain rod and curtains were going to be for the landing upstairs however,  I decided that I wanted to add them to the main floor instead. The curtains were way to long for upstairs and so I put them up. And it looks great! Although they need a bit of a steam to loosen the wrinkles for now they are providing the added privacy that was missing. And since I love the rods so much I’ve ordered more to use throughout the house.

A smaller project was painting out the intake grate on the wall that is super ugly and bulky. Now it seems to disappear a bit in to the wall.. just a bit.

One of the weirdest things in this house is that there are outlets in the floors (rather than in the walls). Obviously this is not to code and soon enough they will have to change. The dining room has an outlet box in the floor that has been disconnected but was never covered up.  I ordered a plain gold device cover to hide the hole and it will match the gold vent covers through-out the house.

The final project in the dining room was to hang the massive mirror. I’ve installed a support rail for it to rest on and will install plugs for the screws to hold the extra weight. What a statement this incredible mirror makes. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


Here are the numbers for the dining room renovation:

Chandelier/bulbs $215

Table $300

Chairs $417

Paint/spray paint $120

Curtain rod/Roman Blind/Curtains $150

Mirror FREE

Bamboo Plant FREE

Quarter Round $116

Grand Total: $1318

Although this is a bit more than I had planned on spending I couldn’t be happier with the final look of the dining room. It is simple and elegant but makes a big statement of how the rest of the house will end up.






I hope you’ve enjoyed following the dining room renovation.  On to the next project… Adding quarter round (shoe kick) to the living, dining room and the landing.