My Country Farmhouse – My New Favourite Place

I’ve finished the sunroom. It is a space I will use much more during the spring, summer and fall months.  In the previous post I put a picture of a table that I really liked for inspiration.  Well I now own that exact table. It was posted on Kijiji for $100.  A couple days after contacting the seller she wrote back and I loaded it into my van and brought it straight up to the house.

I removed the two old MCM inspired white sconces from the wall and hung more appropriate looking black sconces with a tilt and brought in two chairs I had in storage to finish the look.

Here are the final pictures:


My Country Farmhouse – The Almost Finished Sunroom

When I started looking at houses I didn’t even think about having a sunroom.  I always assumed I would grow a little garden outdoors and build or buy a small green house.  The sunroom in my house is 4 seasons so I can use it in the winter comfortably.  It is only about 9′ x 12′ which is actually a pretty decent size. It has the half bath at one end an entrance to the kitchen and a back door to the patio.

It was a dark older looking room with a huge window. The walls were unfinished cedar paneling, the fan was outdated and incredibly big for the space and the floors are ceramic tile that match the kitchen.

I primed and painted the sunroom at the same time as the powder room since they were both going to be done the same colour – Snowbound White. Immediately you could  feel the room become less heavy – and that was only the primer.  Once the final coat of paint went on the walls the room became bright and cheerful. It also made the room look larger.  And it certainly made the ugly fan stand out like a sore thumb.


Having no true clear vision of what I wanted to do with this room it became more of a work space for the first year and mud room.  I would do my cutting and storing of tools as I worked on the main floor.  I then found a day bed at a garage sale and thought that would be a great idea. I could lay and relax on my day bed under the window.  But really besides having company over about 10 times in over a year the day bed was almost never used. It was also super bulky in the space. Alas, I sold it for $180 making just over what I spend on the slats, frame and mattress.

Over the years I’ve been given two small side tables, purchased a pair of sconces for $39.99 each at Homesense, purchased a coat rack for $9.99 and an MCM (Mid Century Modern) style day bed on clearance for only $380.   I am still not in love with the overall look of the room so I’ve decided since I use that room as more coat and shoe storage that I would make half the room easily accessible shelving. While also keeping space for my little plants that live indoors. By the back door I purchased a beautiful solid wood console table I found at St. Jacob’s Antiques for only $75.00. It holds my two large baskets on a shelf that house my reusable bags and dogs clothing.  I’ve also removed the old fan and replaced it with a black chandelier similar in style to the light in the kitchen at a cost of only $116.00. What a transformation!


In the next week I will install a new pair of wall scones that better fit the decor purchased off for only $55.95. I will also sell the used sconces to recover some of the cost.


Perhaps in place of the daybed a lovely little vintage rectangular table with two painted wood chairs to sit at an enjoy my meals. This will also make some more space for my plants to sit during the colder months.


Stay tuned for the final pictures of my sunroom.